zInspector two-part synchronization approach allows for numerous users to inspect the same properties even without an internet connection. In short, the Sync button in the upper right hand corner of the mobile app determines if your mobile app has recently sync’d with the server for your list of Properties, Company Settings, and Contacts.

The Queue represents your inspection data and database changes to be uploaded.  If there are items in the Queue, a counter will show on the bottom left hand corner of the main screen of the mobile app.

Tap where it says Queue to open the Queue page.  The Queue screen can always be accessed by tapping Photo Inspection and tapping on the Queue link in the lower left.

An important item is that the mobile app must be open for items to upload from the Queue. We agree! Background uploading is definitely on the list of development items. 

In addition, reports are not automatically emailed until all items have been uploaded from the Queue.

Standard Operation

Typically, the Queue page will look like that in the image below. The top item in the Queue list is the item to be uploaded next to the zInspector server. If an Up Arrow is shown, the item is in process of uploading. The second item in the Queue will nearly always show an Hourglass which means “Waiting”. The 2nd item is Waiting for the 1st item to upload.

Tapping the Property Name allows one to email out this photo. This is never required for standard operation. But, it can be a useful debugging tool in limited situations.

The “X” allows one to delete the item from the Queue. Deleting that item will result in it being deleted forever from the mobile app and website.

Queue Screen in Standard Operation


WiFi Only Uploading or No Internet

In the event that the 1st item in the Queue shows an Hourglass, this typically means that the app Settings are set to require WiFi for one or more upload types and if WiFi is not available to the device.

There are three different Mobile Data / WiFi Only settings: “Videos on WiFi only”, “Photos on WiFi only”, “High priority items on WiFi only”.  To eliminate the usage of mobile data from the zInspector app, all three boxes should be checked. Users are recommended to keep “High priority items on WiFi only” unchecked to help keep all devices in Sync within your office.

Waiting for Internet / WiFi


3 WiFi Only or Mobile Data Options


Error / Exclamation Point

zInspector users have uploaded millions of items. While infrequent, errors are possible. In the event of an Error, the Queue icon will show an Exclamation Point.  Tapping Retry Upload will result in every item in the Queue retrying to upload.  Generally, do not tap hit “Retry Upload” until some corrective action has occurred.

The two most common Errors are as indicated below.

  1. Payments Error. In the event of a payments issue, your users may use the zInspector app as normal to do their inspections. So in the event of a credit card expiration or other issues, your users are never stranded. Go to the payments page to resolve your payments issue. The mobile app will be able to resume uploading once resolved:  https://portfolio.zinspector.com/payments/
  2. Property Does Not Exist Error. This error may be caused if a user changes the Property Name on the website while items were in a mobile device’s queue pending upload. For example, see screenshots below. A property was initially created with the property name “123 Smith”.  During the inspection, an office administer changed the property name to “123 Smith Ave”. This will result in the Property Does Not Exist Error. To resolve, change the name on the website to match the items in the Queue. Once all items have uploaded, the property name can then be changed back on the website to anything desired. This name will re-sync to your mobile devices for future inspections.

Queue Error Example


Tap “!” on 1st Item to View Error


Error Example: Web User Changed Property Name While Inspection In Progress