Welcome to zInspector! A synchronized photo, video, and report service for Property Inspectors.

Getting Started

  1. Register on our main site.
  2. Download the zInspector mobile app on your phone or tablet’s app store.
  3. Log in and create your first property!
  4. Learn zInspector terminology: Activity, Area and Detail, Tasks, and more!
  5. Use the best features in the zInspector service:

Once you’ve done all of that, you’re set to go! Contact us to learn more about some of our advanced features.


Once you have installed the app, the next step is to create a zInspector account, which will give you access to the app and the web portal.


  • From the browser, click on the register now link at the bottom of the login panel.
  • Fill in your profile information in the text boxes, select your User Type from the drop-down box, and click/tap Submit.

Note: We recommend that you complete all profile detail – it’s fast and easy! The only required fields are email address and password/confirm password. While name, address, and contact info are not required for Basic Account creation, they can be provided or updated at any time in the myPortfolio Settings menu (click/tap on Settings and then  Edit Profile).

More about Group Accounts. The section above describes creation of a Basic Account (free to use at this time). A Basic Account is ideal for a single user such as a tenant or homeowner or any user with fewer than five properties (for whom we expect zInspector will remain free to use in the future). For now, even a user who wants to be a Group Owner of a Group Account will follow the registration procedure described above. See the last section of this guide—Collaboration, Accounts, & Groups—or refer to our FAQ for more info on Group Accounts.  Visit zinspector.com for more info on Pricing.