Area Groups  collectively group Areas together in lists for sorting and searching. For any property management report, you can control whether to use Area Groups or not as part of report generation.  You can change this at any time.

Usage of Area Groups is fully optional, if you want a more simple setup where all Areas are organized alphabetically, just set all Area Groups to the same number like  “1” or “3”.  If you want to closely control the  order of Areas, you can do that  as well.

To set your default Area Groups, you do this under the Area Details under Admin Settings.  With your computer, go to Settings –> Admin Settings –> Area Details.  Hit the Edit link to change the default value for any Area type.  The direct link for Area Details is:

For Areas that have the same Area Group, those Areas will be sorted alphabetically within an Area Group.

Users typically use Area Groups in three different ways depending on the types of customers they serve:

  1. Small Units / Multi-Family – You do not need to use them at all, just set every Area Group to the same number like “1” or “3”.  In this case, all of your Areas will be sorted alphabetically when all Areas have the same Area Group.
  2. Single Family Residences (optional) –  Control the inspection flow.
    1. Entry – Set Entry and Frontyard to a “1”
    2. Interior Inspection – Set common interior items to a “3” like Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, etc.
    3. Exterior Inspection – Set Backyard and other Exterior items to a “5” for things like:  Backyard, Sideyard, and Roof
    4. Other Home Items –  Attic, Crawl Space, Basement, etc as a “6”
    5. Systems / Other – Set other items like: Systems, Personal Property, Keys, “etc” to a “8”.
  3. Large Estates / Multiple Floors – Group Areas by location
    1. This was the original purposes of Area Groups, you could for example, set all of the Areas on one floor (or one wing) a separate Area as compared to that of another floor (or wing).
    2. Starting point can be either option 1 or 2 above.  If for example, you used Option 2, you could change the upstairs Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Hallway to a “4”.  That would set your inspection flow as:

Entrance –>Interior-Downstairs –> Interior-Upstairs –>Backyard / Exterior –> Systems / Other

Area Groups are synchronized between your group members.

Related question:  Are Area Numbers and Area Groups related?  No, they serve different purposes.  Follow this link to learn more about Area Numbers: