Areas, Details and Actions are part of the context given to pictures you take during inspections.

By being specific and tagging each picture appropriately, the power of searching through your photos increases dramatically.

See Property Management Inspection for an example of automatically generating all Areas and Details into one streamlined interface.


An Area is an inspection item or space within the property. An Area can be:

  • Room: such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen
  • System: such as an air condition unit
  • Other: Personal Property, Keys

Add an Area Description to your Areas to make them unique! The description should summarize any essential information for that area. The most common unique descriptions are for each Bedroom and Bathroom:

    • Bedroom 1 can be described as “Master Bedroom – Northwest”
    • Bathroom 3 can be described as “Half Bath by Laundry”
  • Can I change Areas even after I have created the property?
    • You can change Area Descriptions at any time on either the website or mobile app. Your changes will sync to all your devices and Group Members.
    • Even if you do not have an Active internet connection to the mobile app at any stage, you will still be able to add Areas and change Area Descriptions.
  • How do I delete an Area if I have already created the property?
    • To delete an area from a property you must use the main site:
    • We do not allow deleting of Areas on the mobile app after a property is created. This is to ensure that all devices can work offline and prevent synchronization problems.

Is there an Area missing for your business? zInspector offers administrative options for defining custom Area and Detail lists on the main site:


The detail focuses on a specific item within an area. A Detail can be a:

  • Door/Knob/Lock
  • Tub/Shower
  • Switch/Outlet


Also known as “Action Item”. These items denote actions to be taken or actions completed.

Examples are:

  • Cleaning Complete or Required
  • Maintenance Complete or Required
  • Other Action
  • None

When assigning an action as Required , a higher Priority is allocated to the item and it will move to the front of the Queue.

Actions and Tasks are similar, but assigning an Action item does not create a Task.