Creating Document Templates in zInspector is designed with a lot of flexibility so you can get the complete finished documents you want while making them quick to fill out in the field on a mobile device.  We are continually making usability improvements to make this process easier

Here are the critical things to keep in mind for any Document Template:

  • Document Title. All document version control is based on the Document Title. By changing the Title you are actually creating a new Document (essentially making a copy).  To change the Title of a Document, make the change on the New Draft page, click Save or Publish.  Then, Delete or Make Inactive the Document with the Old Name.
  • Text / Legal Language. The reality is that documents may have a lot of legal compliance language that is not required while trying to fill out a document on the mobile app.  Text can also just be used to create headers for Tables, clarification text, or any other text that you want to show up on the final document.  To add text to a Document Template, just start writing in the edit. You can use your Standard tools like Bold, Underline, Font Size, etc, etc.
  • Fields. Fields are what specifically get filled in by your Technician or Agent on the Mobile App. Fields may have three parts:  Field Name, Field Options, and Field Operators. To insert fields in the document, find the applicable field and then click Insert.  The beauty about using System fields is items such as: Property Address, Inspector Name, Inspector, Email, Date, etc, etc are filled in automatically.
    • Field Format:   Z:[[ field-type | field-text-to-display-on-mobile | [optional-operators] ]]
    • Example – Property Address:
      • Z:[[Property Address]]
    • Example – Checkbox with Changing Text Based on Checked or Not
      • Z:[[Boolean Field | Did you take front exterior photo(s)?   | [Yes, I did.;No, I did not.] ]]
    • Example – Select Field with Multiple Selection Options
      • Z:[[Select Field | Have you tested all keys and remotes? | [Yes, I tested.;No, I did not test.] ]]
    • Do I need to type in these fields?  No, just pick the field type you want on the Document Template creation page, then, edit the text within the field and options.

Video Example: Custom Document Creation