With the zInspector Documents feature, one can create any type of inspection document or other electronic document which even includes electronic signatures and photos.

Document templates are created on the website, filled out on any one of your mobile apps, and your completed documents are sent to you via your standard rules (multiple email addresses, Evernote, Dropbox, DotLoop, and more).  Of course, all of your Documents are available and searchable on zInspector Portal as well.

You will love how fast it is to sort, find, and access your completed documents whenever you need them….even when you have thousands!

Here is quick example of completed document and how it can streamline your processes.

Some key benefits of zInspector Documents:

  • Complete Version Control — every document is fully version controlled. You will always know what version is filled out, and you can always access old versions.
  • Instantly Digital — by default you will get a PDF in your email of any document you create.  You have got it so you can send it off, email it, print, or whatever you need for your business.
  • Cloud Search — everything is available in the zInspector Portal.  A simple spreadsheet like interface gives you instant, searchable access to your thousands of completed documents.
  • Upload Anything — Want to Upload other documents to zInspector, no problem, that is easy too.  Upload everything you need. zInspector Document upload supports almost every format with the exception of some documents that are more prone to viruses like executables.

Document Templates Created on the Website

Document Template creation and management are all accessible via the website at portfolio.zinspector.com –> Advanced –> Docs –> Document Templates. The direct link is here: Documents.

Documents work similar in many ways to Photo Reports and Property Management Inspections reports in zInspector.  All of your same Automatic Reporting and Backup options apply.  Document Templates are created on the website and completed / filled out on your Mobile Apps.

Tips for Creating and Managing Templates

  • Start Small — Short documents are easy to design, focused, and useful for your business. In minutes, you can create simple forms like: Pet Inspection Violation, New Property Setup, Water Heater Inspection, Quarterly Property Inspection, Job Visit, Invoices, and just about anything else.
  • Design Your Document / Process — Design your documents in a basic tool first like: Word, PowerPoint, or most advanced software like LucidChart.
  • Convert Paper to Digital — Once you have your desired document designed, you need to re-create the document with the zInspector Document Template creator.  It may be tempting to simply copy and paste your Microsoft Word table into zInspector. At first it looks great, but, the reality is there are a lot of extra formatting with those programs which will be more difficult for your app to handle. You should plan to spend about one hour per page to create a new document template.  Who has an hour?  Well, that investment will make you digital and save you many hours ever month.
  • Now Your Mobile — Once you Publish your Document Template, it instantly becomes available to all of your Group Members devices on their zInspector mobile apps.
  • Update Instantly — Need to change a document? Whether you need to make changes for error correction, business process updates, legal compliance changes, no problem….just make the change…hit Publish.  your users will soon have the latest and greatest templates across your organization.
  • Get Crazy — Do you have a lot documents / processes? Do you need to re-use the same documents for different purposes?  For example, do you fill out a Smoke Detector inspection form every time you go to the property regardless of the visit. No problem, with the zInspector Inspection Scheduler and Task Docs you can setup different processes that re-use templates for different purposes.
  • Get Help — For starters, check out some of the Related Articles below includes Document Template Creation Examples
  • Hire a Pro — Do you need a business consultant? No problem, zInspector has people ready to help.  We work with you to understand your processes and then convert them to digital ones. The best part: you can then fully maintain and easily change your documents as needed without a zInspector consultant.