What is version control and why do I care? 

Let’s take a simple process example like Smoke Detector Inspection.  In a very brief period of time, the laws changed in many states.  First, you needed one in each hallway.  Then, you also needed a Carbon Monoxide detector. Then, you needed a smoke detector in each bedroom.  Now, detectors need 10 year batteries. In California for example, these laws changed in just a few years.

Trying to update your business paperwork to accommodate these types of rapid changes is next to impossible and expensive.  Whether you use duplicate forms, custom printing, etc, etc…small changes are time-consuming and costly.

With zInspector, to change an active document, do the following steps:

  1. Find / Create New.  Find the document you want to change in Active Templates, click New Draft
  2. Drafts. Make your changes.  Click Save to just Save it as a Draft.  Your pending document is available on the Drafts tab ready for you to complete your edits.
  3. Publish. Now that you are ready, click Publish at the bottom of the New Template page.
  4. Office Updated. zInspector will then automatically make your new document the active one and archive your old….instantly…your office has been updated with the latest and greatest forms and templates.
  5. Instant History. With zInspector’s Documents cloud storage all of your documents are available and searchable.  Importantly, a column is provided clearly indicating the Document Template Version Number.
  6. No Mistakes. Make a mistake? No problem, just go back to your Inactive Template and convert an old document to a new one.  With zInspector Version Control, you can never over-write a Published Document…just increment the Version.  So, no problem….improve your business without the risk of over-writing and deleting!
  7. Proprietary and Confidential. Your zInspector templates are yours! zInspector will not sell, provide, or distribute your templates or business processes to anyone else.