If in the upper right hand corner of the inspection, the report says Interim in red letters, that means your inspection report notes have uploaded but your inspections Photos or Videos have not completed uploading yet.  Please go back to your mobile app . If there are still items in the Queue, then, those must still be uploaded to the server.


If the report does not say Interim, then, your device has finished uploading. The most common issue is that a user takes Photos on one day, but, does not complete the inspection until a different date.  The result are two different events on your Timeline.  To resolve this, go to your Timeline with your computer at: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/timeline/

Then, find the Activity of interest without a Yellow icon (a Yellow indicates that a complete inspection was uploaded not just photos). Find the Activity with just the Photos, open it up, scroll to the very bottom of the Photos, then, click to Change the Date of the Activity. This will essentially move all photos to the date the Inspection was completed.