Under the Customize tab within the custom Document Templates section, you can upload your company logo.  The uploaded logo will appear on all custom Documents as well as on Property Management Inspection reports when you have the logo option enabled.  On this page, you also set the header and footer text that appears on all custom Document Templates (but not Property Management Inspection Reports).

To upload your logo, find the Customize tab via the Document Templates section.  The direct link is: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/documents/settings/

You may need to try different logos of different sizes and aspect ratios to get appropriate views in both Document Templates and Property Management Inspection reports.  But, most logos are usable.  We do not recommend very high resolution logos to be uploaded.  Logos with resolution in the few hundred pixels in each direction are typically acceptable / sufficient.

To enable / disable the logo option by default on Property Management Inspection Reports, visit the Report Options pages under Admin Settings. The direct link is: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/profile/reportSettings/