You can change the Mobile App settings to suit your needs, including options to save data usage and memory, synchronization frequency, WiFi only, and more.

Queue and Sync

The Queue uploads your photos, report requests, property creations and other data in order of priority. You can continue using the app as the Queue will upload your items quietly in the background.

Note that if there are still items in the Queue when you exit the app, those items are not uploaded to the server at that stage and won’t be available to anybody else in your group.

Once Queue items have been uploaded to the server, anybody in your group will receive the necessary data the next time they Synchronize. The mobile app periodically¬†Syncs to the server to constantly keep you up-to-date with everybody else’s work.

Limiting Memory or Data Usage

To effectively limit Data or Memory Usage on your device:

  • In the app settings, make sure to check Photos on WiFi only and Videos on WiFi only
  • In the app settings, check the Save Photos at Screen Resolution option to enable faster uploads and use less mobile data.


Use Calendar Sync to synchronize your Task Calendar to your preferred calendar application.