Photo Inspection is a flexible inspection tool to take pictures for any property and Activity.

How to do a Photo Inspection Using the App

  • Tap Photo Inspection on the main screen to go to the Photo Inspection screen.
  • Tap on the Property drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Tap a property name to select the property for which you want to take photos.
  • The Select an Activity button will now be available. Tap on the Select an Activity button and tap on an Activity type to select the Activity type for which you want to take photos (such as Move In, Move Out, or Maintenance).
  • Notice that Areas, Details, and Actions are made available once you have chosen an Activity. As in previous steps, tap on these items to provide context to your photos.
    • If you select “Notices” for the “Activity” and take a picture of posting a notice on the front door, you will have a time-stamped, user-stamped, GPS-location stamped report that the notice was officially posted.
    • If you select “Leasing” for the “Activity” and have your agent take a picture every time they visit a property, you will know exactly when the agent was there, whether you are talking to the Current Tenant, Prospective Tenant, Agent, or Owner.
  • Optionally add Comments to your photos by tapping on the Comments Box and typing or using Smart Comments.
  • After providing context for the photo, tap the camera button on the lower half of the screen.
  • Your phone’s default camera app will open. Take the desired photo, retake as necessary and accept the photo when satisfied (for example, on an iPhone press Use Photo).
  • Once taken, the photo will queue for upload in the background.
  • Tap Previous Photos to see the recent photos you’ve taken with the zInspector app. After a photo has cleared the queue, it is available to view and edit using the web portal (on your web or mobile browser).
  • Tap on the Main Menu button at the top of the screen to exit the Photo Inspection screen.