To pre-populate the Final Comments in Property Management Inspections with preset text:

  1. On the zInspector website: Go to Settings –> Admin Settings –> Smart Comments
  2. Then click on Insert anywhere, and add each of the following lines:
    • z:[[ Final Comments | Welcome to your new home.  If you have any issues with this move-in condition report, please report them within 3 days. | [Move In] ]]
    • z:[[ Final Comments | Thank you for being our tenant.  We will process your security deposit return within 21 days. | [Move Out] ]]
    • z:[[ Final Comments | This is a visual inspection only. We do not assess any structural or mechanical defects.| [Inspection] ]]
  3. Save and hit Publish, your Final Comments will now be pre-populated on the mobile app.  When completing your Property Management Inspection on the mobile app, you can view the pre-populated text and still make changes if required.
  4. To be sure you have the latest Final Comments on your mobile app, you need to hit Sync on the zInspector mobile app if you just made a change on the server.  By default, your device will re-sync automatically every hour and upon app startup.

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