Previous Photos (Gallery)

From the Photo Inspection screen, press Previous Photos to view a gallery of photos previously taken take on your device only.

Previous Photos on the mobile app are different from the web Timeline, because these photos are stored locally on your device. When a photo is queued, it is uploaded to the server and can be found on the Timeline, but Previous Photos will retain the actual file for a number of days (configured in Settings). After the time for that particular file has elapsed, the file will be deleted from the device. As long as the queue has processed the photo, it will already be on the server even if it is deleted from the device.

To see all pictures and videos uploaded, go to the web Timeline on your mobile or desktop browser.

Timeline (Web)

The Timeline, as opposed to Previous Photos, will dynamically show every item that has been uploaded to the zInspector servers. This means photos that have not finished uploading via the mobile app queue will not be visible.

To view specific photos, simply click or tap on the Activity you want to see the pictures for. Use the search functionality to filter by Date, Property, Activity and more.