zInspector treats every home, unit, or Common Inspection Unit as a seperate property to make inspections and searching for pictures more intuitive.

Properties and Units

In zInspector, “property” and “unit” are considered to be synonymous.

Conventional properties like Single Family homes, or single building units still operate as expected. The single home e.g.  123 Cherry St. is both the property and the unit.

Use Create New Property with Quick Mode or Full Mode to create single units.

Multi-Unit Properties

Multi-family Homes are split up into separate units and each is treated as a separate property in zInspector, even if they are on the same actual property. For example, a duplex with two different families would be inspected as 123 Duplex 1 and 123 Duplex 2, not just as 123 Duplex.

The same logic applies to larger complexes. Unlike single unit properties, Multi-Unit Mode supports the addition of common spaces which we call Common Inspection Units. Common Inspection Units are treated as independent units, but are associated with the complex by name. Common Inspection Units include recreation rooms, pools, utility closets, driveways, elevators, etc.

Use Create New Property with Multi-Unit Property Mode to generate many properties with similar Areas. The Multi-Unit Mode will streamline creating sequences of units and adding Common Inspection Units.