zInspector automatically groups all photos by Property / Unit name, Activity type, and date into Activities. This allows multiple users with multiple devices to add content into a single “Activity” or inspection.

However, sometimes inspections take longer than one day.  Have you ever had to do a tenant move-out inspection at midnight?  It is no fun!  But, it definitely happens.  zInspector “Span” feature allows you to create a single report even if the photos were taken over multiple days.


Automatic Span of Property Management Reports Upon Completion on the Mobile App

By default, zInspector will automatically create Span reports from all mobile Property Management report request for a period of 7 days.  You can change this value on the website by going to Settings > Admin Settings > Report Settings.  There change the value of “Span days for auto-Property Management Reports”.   This value is configurable between 0 and 30 days.  The direct link to change this value is here: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/profile/reportSettings/


Span Up To Two Years of Activities on the Website

Upon logging into zinspector.com from your computer, click on any Activity  on the Timeline page to view the relevant Photos and Videos.  By the default , Span is set to 0. However, you can change this value up to 365 which will grab photos and videos from up to 365 days in the future and 365 days in the past, and put all of those photos and videos on a single PDF report.


Use for Contractors

Contractors often need to take multiple photos for the same job over multiple days. While you can certainly use a Task to group photos together, you can also use Span to get all of the recent Maintenance photos (for example) onto a single report.


Example Explained (Get Your Move-Out Photos and Videos on a Move-In Report)

Did your tenant take great care of the property?  Do you not want to re-take 200 pictures?  Here’s how to use the Span feature to grab photos from a move-out inspection and put them into a new move-in inspection.

First, make sure you’ve created a new move-in inspection on the mobile app (with or without photos), complete it,  and allow it to upload to your zInspector web portal. Also make sure that the move-out inspection you performed previously at the same property is available online.

Go ahead and open up the new move-in inspection on your computer.  In order to add photos from the move-out inspection, click into the box marked “Span” in the top left hand corner and adjust the number until it encompasses the time period in which you performed the move-out inspection. This tells the software to look back and find all the photos taken during the time period you put in. Hit refresh, and you should see the photos from your previous inspection show up.

Select the photos you want by checking or un-checking the box marked “Select” to the left of each photo. When you have the photos that you want selected, you can create a report and you’ll see that all the photos from your previous move-out inspection are now included in your new move-in inspection report.

All your photos stay Time-Stamped to the times you actually took them.  This feature just allows you to get them all on one report.

The “Span” feature from zInspector makes converting a move-out inspection to a move-in inspection a breeze.