02. Definitions and Terminology

2.7 Tasks / Scheduler

Create and view Tasks from both the mobile app and the website to help your group coordinate work that need to be done on properties. Create work orders with reference numbers and rate their importance by setting the priority. Tasks are assigned to a specific property to make searching easy. Assign tasks to specific group […]

2.6 Documents

Documents are a zInspector PRO feature that allows Property Managers and other professionals to generate documents and forms that can be customized completely . Generate your own Documents by using the Advanced > Docs in the top navigation bar on the web site. Certain  fields such as Inspector name and phone number, contact information for […]

2.5 Previous Photos on Mobile App vs. Timeline on Web

Previous Photos (Gallery) From the Photo Inspection screen, press Previous Photos to view a gallery of photos previously taken take on your device only. Previous Photos on the mobile app are different from the web Timeline, because these photos are stored locally on your device. When a photo is queued, it is uploaded to the […]

2.4 Comments / Smart Comments

The majority of the information associated with your photos and reports will be taken care of by the Property, Activity, Area and Detail tags, as well as the associated Tasks. These are however all preset values. By adding comments to pictures or inspections whenever possible, much more specific and detailed information is given about the […]

2.3 Properties, Multi-Unit Properties

zInspector treats every home, unit, or Common Inspection Unit as a seperate property to make inspections and searching for pictures more intuitive. Properties and Units In zInspector, “property” and “unit” are considered to be synonymous. Conventional properties like Single Family homes, or single building units still operate as expected. The single home e.g.  123 Cherry […]

2.2 Areas, Details and Actions

Areas, Details and Actions are part of the context given to pictures you take during inspections. By being specific and tagging each picture appropriately, the power of searching through your photos increases dramatically. See Property Management Inspection for an example of automatically generating all Areas and Details into one streamlined interface. Area An Area is […]

2.1 Activities

An “Activity” is a term unique to zInspector. An Activity is a grouping of photos, videos and inspection notes for a particular property on a particular day. Activities aggregate your pictures into intuitive sets which allows for simple searching. Search: Every picture taken for an inspection is automatically associated with a Property and Activity. Search […]