Appfolio: Step 2-Manually Importing Unit Directory List into zInspector

Once you have created your Step 1. Custom Report in Appfolio, you will need to manually import this list once before zInspector can sync your properties.

To do this, go to Settings > Admin Settings > Import Properties and pick “AF” for the format. Then, import the Custom Report you created in Appfolio.

The video below provides step-by-step instructions for manually importing your property list for Appfolio synchronization.


  • Select from the Single Family name and Multi-Family naming options to sychronize existing data.
  • For properties that are already in zInspector with an incorrect name, you can merge them after the import. Merge Tool

Once you have use manually imported your custom report the first time, you need obtain the Step 3. Custom ID from zInspector and using Appfolio’s Scheduled Reports feature.