13. Can I manually upload photos to zInspector without a mobile device?

Yes, you can.


This feature comes in handy when you need to add legacy photos to a property or take new photos with a DSLR camera.


From your zInspector account, click on Properties in the main menu bar then click on Properties. Search and/or filter as needed, then click on the relevant Property Name to view the property-focused Timeline gallery.  Now click the Upload Photo button.


Note: The maximum individual photo size for upload is 8 MB.  


The video above demonstrates a single-photo upload, although you can bulk upload many photos at once in the current version. The maximum number of photos is limited by the memory of your computer: typically, 10-20 photos per upload should work well for most users.


Helpful Tip: You can upload photos to any past inspection using this method. Simply specify the Property, Date, and Activity type of the relevant inspection on the Upload Photo window before you click Save Changes