31. What are Area Numbers and Area Descriptions? And what about Area Sort?

zInspector uses Area Numbers to differentiate Areas of the same type, most commonly Bedrooms and Bathrooms.  Multiples of any Area type can be created, and they are automatically differentiated using Area Numbers. While zInspector sets Area Numbers automatically, it is essential that you add an Area Description to differentiate any multiple rooms of the same type so that every inspector, tenant, and property owner knows which area is being referred to on a given property. In fact, until you have added Area Descriptions in these cases, you won’t be able to submit an inspection for the property.

For example, for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house, a common layout could be:

[Area-Type Area-Number: Area-Description]

  • Bathroom 1: Master
  • Bathroom 2: Hallway
  • Bedroom 1: Master
  • Bedroom 2: Left down hallway
  • Bedroom 3: Right down hallway

Area Sort is used to specify the flow/order of an inspection (by default, areas are sorted alphabetically) and Area Sort numbers can group Areas together for a larger property (such as an estate).  For more information on Area Groups, please visit this knowledge base article.

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