1. Getting Started

  • Getting started with zInspector
    • Learn how to get started with zInspector, particularly with core features like creating a new property, performing a tenant move-in or move-out inspection, and sending inspection reports right to your inbox.
  • Quick property mode
    • Learn how to use quick property mode to inspect only part of a home or when you don’t need to build an entire property with Areas and definitions.  This can particularly be useful for completing repairs or maintenance.
  • Move in/move out inspections
    • zInspector’s most popular feature is our fully certified move in/move out inspections that can be performed from our mobile app. Learn how to use our unique and simple system to save time and money.
  • Video feature
    • Learn how to use the video feature available within zInspector to easily and quickly capture real time videos and include them in inspections and reports.
  • Upload photos to zInspector
    • This video shows you how to upload photos from your computer to zInspector to be included in reports or documents.
  • Mass property uploader
    • Use this feature of zInspector to upload a large list of properties from an Excel spreadsheet. This feature is particularly useful when just getting started using zInspector or when taking on a new complex or group of properties.
  • Smart Comments
    • zInspector Smart Comments can help speed up your rental unit inspections and promote inspection consistency across your property management business.
  • Viewing full resolution photos
    • zInspector saves both the full resolution and thumbnail versions of your photos taken during inspections. You can view the full resolution photos even after they have been included in reports.
  • Using Maps with zInspector
    • Explore zInspector’s integration with Google Maps that helps you get driving directions to and from properties and automatically geotags any photos taken during inspections.

2. Definitions and Terminology

3. Multi-Family Tips

4. Account Settings

5. Mobile App Usage and Settings

  • Getting started with the mobile app
    • Explore how to configure the zInspector mobile app to perform for your company by exploring integral features and setting up the app for on-the-go inspections.
  • Create new properties on the mobile app
    • Explore using the zInspector mobile app to create new properties on the go. Build properties with customizable templates and define Areas and rooms. All properties and definitions created within the app will be synced across all employees and devices.
  • Move-In Inspection, Signatures Later
    • Complete Move-In Inspections without tenant present, then quickly transfer conditions when the tenant is ready to sign!

6. Customization / Admin Settings

  • Group account set up
    • Learn how to set up a group account including how to customize group member permissions to decide which employees can see properties and documents.
  • Delete a property
    • Deleting a property is the only way to completely remove it from your zInspector account.
  • Delete an activity
    • Deleting an activity is the only way to completely remove it from your zInspector account.
  • Enterprise Customization
    • Customize your documents to include your company name in the footers.

7. Reporting

  • Group owner report set up
    • Learn how to process reports created by employees in zInspector and view all documents as a group owner.
  • One touch report generation
    • Learn how to use zInspector to create reports and send them to designated clients or employees with one touch from the mobile app.
  • Span feature 
    • Using the Span feature from zInspector allows you to view all photos taken at a property on one timeline and can help you convert a move out inspection into a move in inspection.
  • Request Notice Reports
    • Request PDF reports to be emailed to you when property notices are posted.

8. Documents / Custom Templates

  • Create custom documents
    • Learn how to create custom documents from city inspections to service contracts.
  • Create supplemental documents
    • Learn how to create supplemental documents that will prompt an employee to complete a task after a Move-In or Move Out Inspection.

9. Scheduler / Task Manager

10. Troubleshooting

  • Edit inspections on the web
    • Learn how to edit inspections using the online portal (via web browser) once they have been created in the app.

11. Integrations

  • Connect to Google Drive
    • Learn how to connect your zInspector account to Google Drive to quickly and easily share documents and spreadsheets with employees and clients.
  • Integrate with Dotloop
    • Learn how to use Dotloop with zInspector to keep documents, reports and emails related to specific properties within one “loop.”
  • Evernote integration
    • Learn how to connect your zInspector account to Evernote so any notes and documents previously created are at your fingertips.

12. z360 Cameras and Virtual Tours

13. Leasing and Tenant Completed Move-In Inspections