Export Property Management Inspection Data to Your Own Excel Workbook

One of the great new features that zInspector offers is the ability to export your Property Management Inspection data  into an Excel spreadsheet that you’re able to customize. We’ve made this very easy. All it takes is the click of one button and you get a filled out Excel workbook with all of your inspection data and as many custom worksheets that you have.

The provided template is focused on security deposit returns, but it’s very simple to customize the template for any other need you might have such as calculations for due-diligence or re-hab.

Now for your security deposit returns, the tenant damages are automatically downloaded into an Excel workbook where you can easily can include calculations to calculate Tenant Damages.  Your accountant will be very familiar with the interface…it’s Excel.  But, it automatically includes your inspection report items done from the zInspector app.

As always, the spreadsheet is shareable through email or any other format you prefer.

zInspector’s new feature that allows you to download a property to Excel is just another way we make doing business easier for you! Watch the video below to learn more.