Export Timeline to Excel

This new feature from zInspector allows you to export your entire Timeline and all the properties, tasks and activities included into an Excel template. Each activity or inspection performed that is associated with your Timeline will be included in the Excel sheet. Every feature of a property will be included, such as Address, Name, number of pictures and videos, GPS location, which employee performed the activity and first/last photo or video time taken.

This feature allows you valuable insights into employee activities. You’ll be able to see who the first and last employees to work on the activity or task were and what exactly they did. You’ll get access to the GPS tagging and locations that are associated with an activity or property as well as see the exact number of photos or video clips associated with an activity or property in one spreadsheet. No more guessing about when the most recent photo was taken or which employee actually performed the inspection.

zInspector wants to help you gain insight into the way your employees interact and how they perform. With our new Timeline export feature, it’s easy to get all the information you need in one comprehensive spreadsheet. Watch the video below to learn more.