Mass Property Uploader Video

This article, and the video following it, discusses importing your properties from a generic spreadsheet format.  If you use any of these specific software solutions, click the relevant link for specific import instructions: Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, Propertyware, or Appfolio.

zInspector makes it easy for you to upload a spreadsheet list containing all of your properties. Uploaded information will then be synchronized between all of your employees for future inspections. This feature is particularly useful when just getting started using zInspector or when taking on a new complex or group of properties.

Watch the video below to learn how to import properties to zInspector. Please download the template example here: unit_import.csv   The column headers need to match exactly.

Important Tip:  We highly recommend that you import your Single-Family Homes and Duplex Units on one sheet and your Multi-Family Units on a separate sheet. 

Property Naming:  the Property Name field needs a unique entry for each unit.  If you leave this column blank the import process will automatically substitute [Address 1] for the [Property Name].  If the [Unit Number] is not blank, then the [Property Name] will default to:  ” [Address 1] Unit [Unit Number]” .  Most managers of single-family properties leave the Property Name column blank as part of import.

To import the file, go to Admin Settings and click on Import Properties.

Feel free to email your file to to have us take a look. Watch the video below to learn more!