Sacramento RHIP Form

Every property manager knows that using the Sacramento Rental Housing Inspection Program form can be a real hassle. From printing out the form to getting all the necessary signatures, the process is tedious and inefficient.

zInspector simplifies the process like no other app can. Use the Docs feature to access the pre-made template for the full RHIP form, either for an Interior or Exterior inspection. Fill out whether or not elements are in compliance with a tap of your screen and add comments quickly and easily with our Smart Comments feature. Take photos right from the app and they’ll be included in the final form with  no extra work. 

As always, the form is accessible on any type of tablet or mobile device through the app and will automatically be emailed to you and synced to your zInspector account accessible online. 

Save time and save yourself the headache of filling out the complicated Sacramento RHIP form by doing it on the go with zInspector!

Watch the video below to learn how to use this form.