Move Out Example on Mobile App

zInspector makes it easy to manage all of your inspections and generate professional reports for everyone in your office. zInspector has many powerful features, but in this video I will get you started quickly doing a Tenant Move-Out Inspection.




Before we can inspect our property, we have to create it with the zInspector app, so we’ll go to Create Property, Full Property, and we’ll say that our property is at 89 Lakeview Rd. in Sacramento, California. Then hit Continue.


On this screen we can designate the bedrooms and bathrooms at our property. We’ll say this property has two bedrooms, one bathroom, no garage, and no yards. Hit Continue.


Here we see that zInspector has created our specified areas. The unit has also been pre-populated with other areas found at a typical property. We only need a few areas for the purposes of this demonstration so I will delete the rest. I will also enter an area description for Bedroom 1, designating it as “Master.” Now we’ll preview the property.


All these areas and descriptions look good to me, so I’m going to go ahead and create the property.




Now that we’ve created our property, let’s perform a move out inspection. I’ll tap Property Management Inspection, Create New Inspection, and select 89 Lakeview Rd. as my property. I’ll designate a Move Out inspection and hit Continue.


On the inspection screen, we see all of the areas I just created. I’ll expand Bathroom 1 to see all of the details in that area.


Details can be assigned a condition of N for new, S for satisfactory, or D for damaged/deduction. I’m going to go ahead and mark the rest of these details as Satisfactory.


You can also assign an action item to a detail that requires additional attention. Let’s say we notice that the bathroom sink is leaking. We’ll mark it as damaged and the action item as “repairs required” with a priority of three.


We’ll add the comment “Sink has a steady leak.”


Then we’ll take a photo to document the leak.


Now that I’ve marked the conditions in every area at my property, I’ll tap the additional comments box and enter “Bathroom sink has leak in need of repairs. Rest of property is satisfactory.” Then I’ll hit Continue.


On this screen we’ll finalize the inspection. I don’t have any final comments to enter, so I’ll skip this field. I do want to send a copy of the inspection report to the property’s owner, so I’ll enter their email address into this field here. I also want to include my signature, so I’ll check this box, then hit Final Submit. Now I’ll sign the report here, then hit Continue to submit the inspection.




Once my inspection uploads, I get a PDF of the inspection report sent right in my inbox. The PDF contains all of my inspection data and photos.


All of my photos and inspection data are also backed up in the cloud. I can log into the zInspector website to view my inspections, generate additional reports, and much more.


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