Virtual Tours

zInspector’s brand new Virtual Tours feature allows users to convert their 360 property images into virtual tours in seconds! With a few clicks, you can have a short property tour complete with background music. The link is also shareable onto your property website for easy viewing and other marketing purposes.

Get started with this great new feature today! Links to video tutorial and example tour are below.

View an Example Tour


Get Started

Upon logging into the zInspector website, click on the ‘Properties’ tab in the top menu bar (indicated by white circle). Then, search for the property you want and click on the blue address link (indicated by black rectangle).

The Property page is where all of your photos from inspections will be stored for that specific property. Click on the orange ‘Edit Tour’ button (indicated by black circle).

Pick Your Photos

By clicking on the ‘All’ tab in the Virtual Tour Editor (indicated by black circle), you can view all of your 360 photos for the property. Just click on an image to select. Selected photos will have a green checkmark in the top left corner.

Customize Your Tour

In the ‘Settings’ tab of the Virtual Tour Editor, you can select background music or even upload your own! Make sure you have the correct licensing for any music you upload. You can also change the spin direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) or adjust the spin speed.

View or Share Your Tours!

View your final tours on zInspector under the ‘Tour’ tab or share / post the link on your property website! The tours allow you to pause, zoom in/out, click and drag, or view in full screen. You can also flip between different 360 tours from the photo options in the bottom scroll bar. Simple as that!


This feature is only for paid Business and Enterprise accounts.