Virtual Tours

With zInspector’s Virtual Tours feature, you can convert your 360 property images, taken with a compatible 360 camera, into engaging virtual tours in seconds! With a few clicks, you can have a short property tour complete with background music. The link is also shareable onto your property website for easy viewing and other marketing purposes.

Get started with this great new feature today! Links to video tutorial and example tour are below.

Create a Classic Slideshow 360 Tour:

Before you begin, you will need to have captured 360 images using a compatible 360 camera and the zInspector 3 app.  In both Quick Pictures mode and in any standard condition-based template, you can tap on the 360 (globe) icon to capture a 360 of select areas of the property.  More info on purchasing, setting up, and capturing 360 property images using zInspector-compatible cameras can be found here.

Once your 360 images have uploaded to your zInspector account, you can create the tour in a few simple steps.

  1. On the zInspector website, click Properties and select Property Tours.
  2. Locate the relevant property in the list and click the corresponding Edit link in the Virtual Tour column (at right).
  3. Click on the Slideshow Tour tab.
  4. Click on +Add 360.
  5. Select individual images (click the orange + on select images) and click Save, or click +Add All.
  6. Click View (at upper right) to view the tour.
    • You can pause, zoom in/out, click and drag, or view in full screen. You can also quickly skip between different 360 photos using the expandable scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Copy the tour page URL into your marketing page or an individual listing.

Default Tour Settings: Go to Settings > Admin Settings and select Tour Settings (it’s in the Additional Settings and Options section).  Here you can:

  • Change the music played with your tours (the default song comes free to use with zInspector; if using a different mp3 track, be sure to respect copyright law!)
  • Reverse the spin direction: the default is clockwise.
  • Adjust the spin speed (rpm): the default is 2.
  • Adjust the horizontal field of view (zoom) to render (in degrees): default is 100.
  • Upload your own Help graphic: the default (learn more) image is free to use.
  • Specify the Action Link for the Help graphic: we recommend that you link your marketing or listings page. (This will help keep tenants engaged with your listings!)

Create a Walkable 360 Tour (Beta):

Before you begin, you will need to have created a 2D Layout for a property and captured 360 images within the 2D Layout & Tour template.


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