2.10 View and Edit Photos on the Website

Working with Photos on the Website

For those users not in the field, the website can be a good place to go to view photos and edit their tags.

Photos that have uploaded to the website will update to reflect any changes performed on the app (including tag edits, markup, and deletion).

To edit photos that have uploaded to the website—but not mark them up, as mark up can only be done in the app—there are two approaches:

View and Edit Photos from Timeline

From the website Timeline, click directly on the Open Image icon (below) on any photo displayed on the Timeline.

This will open the image viewer. You can zoom in and out, download the photo, or edit the photo using the buttons at left.

View and Edit Photos from the Report Preview

From the website Timeline, click on an activity containing the photo(s) you want to edit.

The report preview for the selected Activity will open.  Hover the cursor over any available photo in the report to bring up the Edit? tool. Click on it to open the Edit tool window:

In the Edit popup for a report photo, you can rotate the photo, change any photo tags, add or edit photo comments, or even make the current photo the default photo for the property. (By default, the first photo taken of a property for Front Yard/Exterior, if available, becomes the default property photo. The default Property Photo displays on the main screen of the app when the property is selected).

View and Edit Photos from the Property’s Dashboard

On the website in your Properties list, click on any property name to view the Property dashboard. Here you will see a dashboard similar to Timeline but focused on the activities that have taken place at the specified property.

Click to view a photo in this view. Notice here that you can also navigate forward and back in the activity gallery by clicking the arrow at right or left.

Additionally, you can Edit the photo tags  or delete the photo permanently by clicking the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.

To view, edit, and also to mark up photos within the app, see this article.

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