04. Account Settings

4.5 Lost Device / Forgot Password

Lost Device If you’ve lost your device, simply sign on to the zInspector website and change your password. The device will sign out of the app and your data will be safe. https://portfolio.zinspector.com/profile/ Forgot Password Use the Forgot Password? link on the Log In screen for both the mobile app and website to reset your password.  […]

4.4 User Groups

User Groups are subgroups containing Group Members for whom you can assign certain permissions. Go to the Group menu item, then to User Groups to edit User Groups and permissions for those groups. For example, make a User Group for Group Members that only need to see properties in one particular apartment complex. By assigning […]

4.3 Employee / Group Members leaves, Data Retention

When a Group member leaves, the pictures and reports they made will not disappear. The data will be retained by the Group Account as a whole, so your data remains safe and useful. Keep your data, photos, and reports, even when you remove a group member from the Group Account, change their User Group, or change their Group […]

4.2 User Roles

In the Group tab, an Administrator for the Group can edit details for group members. Assigning a User Role restricts users to particular activities, or grants privileges to work with specific data. Group members can be assigned: Admin: Group members with the Admin role can do anything to administer the Group Create Only: Members with […]

4.1 Adding Users

Users can be added to your Group via the Group menu item on the website’s main navigation bar. Have your admin use the Invite new group members tool to add members to your group.