04. Account Settings

4.5 Lost Device / Forgotten Password

Lost Device If you’ve lost your mobile device, simply sign in to the zInspector website and change your password to secure your account. To change your password, click on Settings then go to Profile Settings, click Edit and select Password from the drop-down menu. The mobile device will be signed out of the app, and your […]

4.4 User Groups

User Groups are subgroups containing group members for whom certain access privileges (e.g, specific property portfolio groups, neighborhoods, or complexes) can be assigned. As an Admin user, go Contacts, then Group, and select the User Groups menu tab to create and edit User Groups and assign specific group members to them. For example, you can […]

4.3 User / Group Changes & Data Retention

Team members may come and go, and employees may change roles or change jobs—but that doesn’t mean their zInspector data will be lost. Easily add, edit, or delete team members as a zInspector account owner or Admin user. The photos, reports, and other property data created by a user who is removed from an account […]

4.2 User Roles

Go to Contacts then Group to access the Group page, where you can define User Roles. On the Group page, a zInspector Admin user can add new group members, edit their details, and assign roles to them. Assign a User Role to define, restrict, or expand a user’s privileges as needed. Admin:  user has full privileges to administer the […]

4.1 Adding Users

A zInspector Admin user can add Users to a Group through the Group Members page, located in the Settings menu of the zInspector website. To get started adding group members, simply click the +New Member button on the Group page.  

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