07. Reporting

7.4 Comparison Report Generation on the Web

zInspector has a helpful feature that enables users to generate side-by-side comparison inspection reports so you can easily see differences in property conditions or photos. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to generate this report, posted below the video tutorial. Video Tutorial Step 1) Log in to your zInspector website account Step 2) Go […]

7.10 Create a New Inspection with the Same Values as a Completed Inspection

There is a new Admin tool, published in 2017 that allows you to create a new inspection with the same values as a completed report. For example, if you have completed a move-out inspection and the tenants took great care of the property and you would like to create a move-in inspection with the same […]

7.9 One-Touch Security Deposit Returns

Generating a security deposit return form is a lot more time-consuming than people realize.  With zInspector, you can kick-out all your inspection data into a fully customized Excel Workbook. For example, you can now automatically get a list of all your tenant damage items into Excel and then add the appropriate charges for deductions. You […]

7.7 Report Span Across Numerous Days

  zInspector automatically groups all photos by Property / Unit name, Activity type, and date into Activities. This allows multiple users with multiple devices to add content into a single “Activity” or inspection. However, sometimes inspections take longer than one day.  Have you ever had to do a tenant move-out inspection at midnight?  It is no fun! […]

7.6 Reports into Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or Office 365

Go into Admin Settings to enable Dropbox, Google Drive, and Office 365. At this point, this feature is for paid accounts only in conjunction with a third-party integration service. Please contact support@zinspector.com. Upon receiving instructions from zInspector, integration with Dropbox or Google Drive will be up in a few minutes.  

7.5 Reports into DotLoop (or Individual Emails Per Property/Unit)

DotLoop is a transactional tool primarily used by real estate agents.  If you are primarily a property manager or contractor, you likely do not need to use DotLoop in addition to zInspector. However, if you already use DotLoop as a part of your real estate business, and you also want your Property Management Inspections to […]

7.3 Evernote? Should I use it?

Evernote is an amazing tool. But, if you are not already using it for your business, you do not need to start using Evernote to get all the benefits of zInspector.  However, if you are a power Evernote user and you also want you inspections to automatically show up in Evernote, you can easily do […]

7.2 Global Reporting – process reports for all Group Members

For Admin users, you can configure your account so that your Report processing instructions whether configured for Email, Evernote, DotLoop, Dropbox, Google Drive are automatically applied across your entire organization for all of your users. To enable this, simply go to Settings > Admin Settings and verify that Global Auto Report is enabled. Link to […]

7.1 Configuring reports / documents to automatically email to multiple addresses

With zInspector, copies of all your inspection documents can be configured to automatically email to multiple email addresses.  By default, a copy will automatically be sent to the inspector, but, to add other email addresses, with your computer go to  the Settings tab for your account. Add a list of email addresses that should receive copies of […]