07. Reporting

7.12 Report Customization – Summary Tables & Grid Lines

Experienced zInspector users may find their inspection reports looking a bit different lately. zInspector recently introduced several new Property Management Inspection report customization options: Summary Tables and Grid Lines. With Summary Tables, a summary of damaged items and/or Action Items can now feature at the beginning of a report to highlight required maintenance actions, painting, […]

7.11 Download a Zip Folder of All Inspection Data

zInspector makes it easy for you to access all your inspection data. To download a Zip folder containing a full report and all full-resolution images, simply go to your zInspector Timeline, click on the relevant Activity, click Edit / View Report and then click Download Zip.  The video below covers this step-by-step . A couple […]

7.4 Generate Comparison Move-In / Move-Out Reports (On the Web)

On the zInspector website, the user can easily generate side-by-side inspection reports for the purposes of comparison; in this format, differences in property conditions or photos are often readily apparent. A step-by-step video tutorial of the process is followed by a detailed written walkthrough. 1.  Log in to your zInspector website account. 2.  Go to […]

7.10 Create a New Inspection with the Same Property Conditions as a Completed One

zInspector Admin users have the option to create a new inspection with the same property condition values as a completed report. When might this come in handy? Say you have completed a move-out inspection for a property that was taken great care of by the outbound tenants—it needs few if any improvements.  Rather than create […]

7.9 One-Touch Security Deposit Returns

You don’t realize how much time it takes to generate a security deposit return form—unless it’s your job. With zInspector, you can instantly send all inspection report data into a fully customized Excel workbook for various time-saving, hassle-avoiding purposes. A great example: you can automatically send a list of all tenant damage items into Excel […]

7.7 Span Reports Feature & Reusing Move-Out Photos for a Move-In

This video and subsequent walkthrough shows how the Span setting can be adjusted; in the video, Span is increased so that the photos taken during a Move-Out Inspection can be included in a new Move-In Inspection report.   Create a Move-In Report from the Previous Move-Out Report Using Span Did your last tenant take great […]

7.6 Report Integration to Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or Office 365

To enable Dropbox, Google Drive, and Office 365, please contact support@zinspector.com. Upon receiving instructions from zInspector, integration with Dropbox or Google Drive will be active in a few minutes. Note: This feature is currently available to paid account holders only, in conjunction with a third-party integration service.  

7.5 Auto-Send Unit-Specific Reports to Dotloop & Others

Dotloop is a transactional tool primarily used by real estate professionals; property managers and contractors do not generally need to use Dotloop in conjunction with zInspector. For those existing Dotloop users who want their zInspector reports to integrate automatically, setup is easy. The video below specifically discusses zInspector/Dotloop integration. The same general procedure—namely, adding an […]

7.3 Evernote—Should I Use It?

Evernote is an amazing tool, but if your business isn’t using it already, you don’t need to start now to realize all the benefits of zInspector. If you are a veteran Evernote user and want your inspections to automatically show up in Evernote, you can easily make that happen. All of your zInspector inspections and […]