07. Reporting

7.11 Download a Zip Folder of All Inspection Data

In addition to providing reliable cloud storage, zInspector makes it easy for you to access and download all your inspection data for local storage as needed. To download a folder containing a full activity report with full-resolution images to your email, go to your zInspector Timeline, click on the relevant Activity icon, click Edit/View Report […]

7.14 Span Settings: How Photos Are Included in Reports

UPDATE (MAY 2021): Customized Span Settings within a given report are now persistent (“sticky”), meaning they will save even after you have closed the report preview and will remain as you have adjusted them unless you change them again in the future for a different purpose or recipient. Not seeing photos on a specific report […]

7.12 Customizing Completed Inspection Reports

zInspector Report Customization Global customization: Report settings that will apply to all reports generated across your zInspector account can be set by an Admin user here. Report-specific customization: Once an inspection report has been submitted and uploaded from the app, you can customize it on the website per your preferences, for a specific purpose, or […]

7.4 Generate a Comparison (Move-In / Move-Out) Report

On the zInspector website, side-by-side inspection reports can be easily generated for comparative purposes; in this format, differences in property conditions or photos are often very apparent. The most common comparison report is a Move-In to Move-Out (MiMo). Other comparisons are also possible. A Move-Out to Move-In report, for instance, may highlight remediation efforts taken […]

7.9 One-Touch Security Deposit Returns

You don’t realize how much time it takes to write up a security deposit return form—unless it’s your job. With zInspector, you can instantly send all inspection report data into a fully customized Excel workbook for various time-saving, hassle-avoiding purposes. A great example: you can automatically send a list of all tenant damage items into […]

7.8 Share Read-Only Report Links + Open Reports in Microsoft Word

At zInspector, we strive to bring you the features you need. Most of our new feature releases are based directly on user feedback. Here we cover two related features we delivered upon request: Share a Read-Only Property Inspection Report (via HTML link) This feature allows you to easily share a read-only html version of the […]

7.7 Using Span + Reusing Move-Out Photos for a Move-In

This video and subsequent walkthrough shows how the Span setting can be adjusted.  In the video example, Span is increased so that the photos taken during a Move-Out Inspection can be included in a new Move-In Inspection report. There are other common and important reasons you should know how Span works, which are discussed below. […]

7.6 Report Integration to Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or Office 365

To enable Dropbox, Google Drive, and Office 365, please contact support@zinspector.com. Upon receiving instructions from zInspector, integration with Dropbox or Google Drive will be active in a few minutes. Note: This feature is currently available to paid account holders only, in conjunction with a third-party integration service.

7.5 Auto-Send Unit-Specific Reports to Dotloop & Others

Dotloop is a transactional tool primarily used by real estate professionals. Property managers and contractors do not generally need to use Dotloop in conjunction with zInspector. For those existing Dotloop users who want their zInspector reports to integrate automatically, setup is easy. The video below specifically discusses zInspector/Dotloop integration. The same general procedure—namely, adding an […]

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