13. Move-In Inspections Your Way!

13.4.3 Tenant-Completed Move-Ins: Reminders & Other Settings

zInspector Admin users can customize the Tenant-Completed Move-In invitation, configure reminders, and set auto-disable and grace period options. To get started, select Settings, click on Admin Settings, and, under Tenant Settings, select Tenant Move-In. Here you can do the following: Customize the Default Welcome Message (emailed invitation’s greeting) per your company’s preferences. Add your email […]

13.4.4 Tenant-Completed Move-Ins: Once-Click Invites with Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, Appfolio, or Propertyware Integration

zInspector Business- and Enterprise-level account holders who have synced with Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, Appfolio, or Propertyware can invite tenants to complete their own move-in inspection almost instantly. First, set up your Rentec Direct Integration, Rent Manager Integration, Appfolio Sync and Appfolio Tenant / Lease Sync, or Propertyware Sync and Propertyware Tenant/Lease Sync. Once synced, select Tenants […]

13.4 Tenant Move In Inspections

zInspector empowers property managers to invite their tenants to perform their own Tenant Move In inspections on the zTenant app (formerly called Tenant Move-In). Tenant Move In Invitation Process — for a synced account or an existing tenant/lease Go to the Tenants page (previously called Turnover). Search/find the property of interest. Click the Invite link […]

13.0 Move-In Inspections Your Way

For every unique business and process flow, zInspector offers a powerful, flexible solution for your Move In inspection needs. Use any combination of methods: whatever works best for your business! In Person – Inspector and tenant both sign at the end of the move-in inspection. Convert Move-Out to Move-In – Your last tenant took great […]

13.3 Remote Inspection Signing (Enhanced)

Many zInspector customers have asked for a better way to get a tenant signatures on an inspection completed by their team, such as a pre-occupancy Move In or ‘make-ready’ inspection. It turns out that many customers had been printing out paperless zInspector reports just to get them signed…or running their zInspector inspections through a third-party […]

13.2 Convert a Move-Out to a Move-In

Sometimes a property is left in such good condition upon Move Out that very little needs to be done besides standard cleaning and turnover tasks. In those cases, a zInspector Admin user can simply covert a Move Out report into a Move In, make any minor changes needed, and obtain the tenant’s signature. Enable (or […]

13.1 In-Person Move In + Signatures

This is a standard Move In inspection scenario taken to the next level. It’s paperless: the leasing agent and tenant walk through the property together as usual, but the agent completes the inspection, and both parties sign, directly within the zInspector 3 app. In the zInspector 3 app, tap Property/Unit and select the current property. […]

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