05. Mobile App Usage and Settings

5.10 In-App Inspection Comparison

While you can generate a complete Comparison Report through the zInspector website, you may prefer to quickly compare Move-In and Move-Out Inspections within the mobile app. To begin, start a Property Management Inspection in the app, and select a property for which you have previously completed an inspection. By expanding any Area pane, you can […]

5.9 Notice Reports

zInspector allows you to request PDF reports to document the posting of property notices (e.g., notices of late rent or completed maintenance). Here’s a video tutorial, with step-by-step instructions:   Step 1: On the zInspector mobile app, begin a Photo Inspection (circled below).   Step 2: Select the property at which you are posting the […]

5.11 Move-In Inspection, Signatures Later

Many zInspector users find it especially convenient to complete a full Property Management Move-In Inspection, send it to the tenant for review and feedback,  edit conditions in the report as needed (whether remotely or in person), and simply obtain the tenant’s signature at a convenient time. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Complete a full […]

5.8 Multi-Shot

During property inspections, you can enable zInspector’s Multi-shot app feature to take multiple photos, note conditions, and make comments—all on one screen. How to Enable Multi-Shot on the Mobile App Multi-shot is enabled in Settings on the zInspector app. (Note: This feature works best on iOS devices, such as iPad. Android performance, depending on the […]

5.7 Tasks

Use Tasks in the mobile app to schedule actions for a property. Assign tasks to a group member, whether yourself or a colleague. Schedule actions like repairs or inspections. Link a document to a task to ensure that it is filled out when the task is performed at the property. Sync scheduled tasks to a […]

5.6 Docs

zInspector helps to eliminate cumbersome pen & paper processes during property visits and inspections by allowing you to easily work with existing templates in Docs on the mobile app. Select Docs from the main menu to access and fill out document templates, such as HOA violation and pet inspection forms, and upload them to the server […]

5.5 New Property Tips

For a quick walkthrough, see Create a Property. Create new properties in the mobile app or on the website. Easily create single units or multi-unit properties with common areas. Admin users can create many new zInspector properties at once by importing a spreadsheet of existing properties: in Admin Settings on the website, use the CSV […]

5.4 Mobile App Settings: Queue & Sync

You can change the mobile app settings to suit your needs: there are options to limit data usage and conserve device storage space, adjust synchronization frequency, restrict uploads to WiFi only, and more. An in-depth look at Queue and Sync settings can be found here. Queue & Sync The Queue uploads your photos, report requests, […]

5.3 Property Management (PM) Inspection Tips

For a quick walkthrough of a Property Management Inspection, see Performing a Property Management Inspection. Classify your Property Management Inspections on the mobile app with Move In, Move Out, or Inspection for routine inspections. The inspection report generated will reflect the inspection classification on the PDF. The status codes N, S, D, and ! stand […]

5.2 Photo Inspection Tips

Photos vs. Videos – Which to Use & When During an inspection, both photos and videos can be taken using the zInspector app. Take photos to document property conditions clearly and distinctly, focusing on specific inspection items. Assign each photo to a Detail within the Area (for example, Light Fixture/Fan in Bedroom 1) and write […]