05. Mobile App Usage and Settings

5.10 In-App Inspection Comparison

Rather than generating a complete Comparison Report on the web, you can also quickly compare between Move-In and Move-Out Inspections on the zInspector mobile app. Start by beginning a Property Inspection on the app. You can see in the first screenshot below that the previous conditions from the last inspection for the property are indicated. […]

5.9 Notice Reports

zInspector allows you to request PDF reports to reflect property notices (e.g. notice of late rent or completed maintenance). Here’s a video tutorial, with step by step instructions posted below: Step 1) On the zInspector mobile app, begin a Photo Inspection. Step 2) Select the property you’re posting the notice at and add any necessary […]

5.11 Move-In Inspection, Signatures Later

zInspector includes a helpful feature that allows you to complete a full Property Management Move-In Inspection, send to the tenant to review, and then use the completed inspection to edit conditions and get the tenant’s signature later.  If you want the tenant to complete the move-in inspection themselves, please view this article: Tenant Completed Move-In’s […]

5.8 Multi-Shot

zInspector users can enable the Multi-Shot feature during Property Inspections to take multiple pictures, note conditions and make comments all on one screen! How to Enable Multi-Shot on the Mobile App Multi-shot is enabled in Settings on the zInspector mobile app. We find this pictures works best on iOS devices such as iPad.  The performance […]

5.7 Tasks

Tasks allow you to schedule actions for yourself, or other group members for a property. Assign tasks to a group member. Use tasks to schedule actions like repairs or inspections. Documents can be assigned to a task. Fill out the necessary documents while completing a task at the property. Tasks can be synced up to […]

5.6 Docs

You can easily fill out templates in Documents on the mobile app.  You create your document templates on the server. Access Documents from the mobile app by selecting Documents from the main menu.

5.5 New Property

For a quick rundown, see Create a New Property. Create new properties on the mobile app or the website. Easily create single units or multi-unit properties with common areas. Use the Spreadsheet Import Tool on the website if you need to create many new properties all at once.

5.4 Mobile App Settings / Queue / Sync

You can change the Mobile App settings to suit your needs, including options to save data usage and memory, synchronization frequency, WiFi only, and more. Queue and Sync The Queue uploads your photos, report requests, property creations and other data in order of priority. You can continue using the app as the Queue will upload […]

5.3 Property Management (PM) Inspection

For a quick rundown of how to use Property Management Inspection, see Performing a Property Management Inspection. Classify your Property Management Inspections on the mobile app with Move In, Move Out, or Inspection for routine inspections. The inspection report generated will reflect the inspection classification on the PDF. The status codes N, S, D, and […]

5.2 Photo Inspection

Photos vs. Videos zInspector allows both photos and videos to be used for inspections. Use photos to document things clearly and specifically, focusing on specific inspection items. Assign Detail and write Comments to make these photos valuable searchable data. Use videos to document inspection items in motion, a quick panoramic shot of an entire area, or for […]