05. Mobile App Usage & Settings

5.13 Pick from the app gallery to satisfy template photo requirements

Did you just take pictures of a property/unit using Quick Pictures, and now that you’re back at the office, you need to complete a full inspection report? Are you stuck on all the Damages (D) and Action (!) items that require pictures? Don’t worry, you don’t need to go back to the property to fulfill […]

5.2.2 Quick-View Media Button

In theory, a good inspection is performed methodically with nothing skipped or left out.  In practice, especially on a large or poorly maintained property, this can be easier said than done. Ever find yourself wondering midway through an inspection if you snapped photos of an important detail? Need to quickly edit or mark-up a photo […]

5.12 Using Damage and Action Items

The Damage (D) condition should be used to indicate an item that is likely tenant responsibility.   An Action Item (!) should be indicated if you are going to do something about a damage, whether attributed to the tenant or not.   For example, see these specific flooring problems and recommended steps:  Significant scratches caused by the […]

5.2.1 Photograph Hard-to-Reach Inspection Items

In some cases, your inspection may require you to photograph hard-to-reach property areas and details such as crawlspaces and rain gutters. You may be able to avoid climbing ladders or crawling under the house by using a basic selfie stick in conjunction with the zInspector 3 app timed photo option. Countdown Camera Timer Settings To […]

5.6 Mobile App Permissions

As with many mobile apps, you should enable certain permissions to let zInspector 3 perform correctly. Without permissions enabled, you will be unable to take geo-tagged photos, videos with sound, and (on iOS 14 or above) 360 photo captures. If you find you are unable to perform these basic zInspector 3 functions, please review your […]

5.3 Camera Interface Shortcuts

Whether you are performing a condition-based inspection such as a Move In and Move Out (in Inspect mode) or a Quick Pictures activity, zInspector 3 allows you to get a lot done without ever leaving the camera interface. For inspectors who take a lot of photos or need to do so in certain cases, these shortcuts […]

5.11 In-App Inspection Comparison

During the course of an inspection, you may find it helpful to view or even instantly apply previous inspection conditions to the current one. To begin, start an Inspect mode condition-based inspection in the app. Make sure you specify a property for which you have previously completed a Move-In or Move-Out inspection. Just below the […]

5.10 Notice Reports

You can use zInspector 3 to easily document the posting of notices. It’s smart to document the posting of important and time-sensitive notices, such as a Past Due Notice for Rent and a 24-Hour Notice to Enter, in case a tenant later argues they received no notice. Here’s a video tutorial, followed by step-by-step instructions: […]

5.9 Tasks

You can access active tasks, review pertinent task-related information, and even edit, document, create and complete tasks when in the field using the zInspector 3 mobile app. On the main app screen: Tap Tasks with no property specified to see a list of active tasks for your group’s properties. –OR– Tap Tasks with a property […]

5.7 Comments / Smart Comments

Most of the context for your photos and report findings will be addressed by the Property, Activity, Area and Detail tags, as well as any associated Action items.  To provide additional specific and detailed information, be sure to add comments to Quick Pictures and Inspect activities whenever appropriate. Comments Comments can range from a description […]

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