02. Key Concepts & Tools

2.0 Enhanced Timeline with Media Stream

Media Stream The powerful website Timeline‘s Media Stream puts your inspection media front and center. Instantly search hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of photos, 360s, and videos—within a property or across your entire portfolio for specific areas or details of interest. With full image searchability, you can effortlessly filter all media for a […]

2.7 Archiving, Restoring & Deleting Properties

zInspector properties can be archived and later restored or permanently deleted, depending on your preference. Note: Only Admin users can archive, restore, and delete properties.   Archiving Properties To archive a single property: Go to the Admin tab of the Property List. For any property, click the Archive icon. To archive multiple properties: Go to […]

2.6 Editing Properties

Existing properties in zInspector can be edited to correct errors or to update a property when changes are made to areas and details. Editing Properties On the website: Go to the Properties page and filter/search as needed. To edit basics such as property name and address: Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the left of […]

2.5 Commercial Properties

To create commercial properties, follow the same basic procedure as used when creating a single-family or multi-unit property (depending on the property layout). The main difference for commercial properties is that the areas and details will just be customized accordingly. Commercial Property Tips Creation of commercial properties is easier to do from a computer (using […]

2.4 Single-Family & Multi-Unit Properties

Single-Family / Single-Building Units Here are example property names for single family homes: 123 Smith St 234 Jones Ave For conventional properties like single-family homes or single-building units, the term “Property” is straightforward. The single-family home 123 Cherry St., for example, identifies both the property and the unit. A duplex is probably best created as […]

2.9 Tasks

To help your group coordinate work that needs to be done on properties, you can create and view Tasks on both the mobile app and the website. On the zInspector 3 app, find Tasks on the main screen. The number following Tasks, if any, indicates the number of active tasks available for the current user. […]

2.8 Documents & Templates

Documents have taken a huge leap forward in zInspector 3. Property managers and other professionals can apply slight adjustments or major revisions to existing zInspector documents, forms, and inspection templates—and even create entirely new ones from scratch.  These documents, forms, and inspections are all fillable within zInspector 3’s Inspect mode. On the zInspector website, select […]

2.3 Properties

With zInspector, you can inspect single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, and even commercial properties. What is a Property? To make inspections and photo-searches easy and intuitive, zInspector treats every single-family residence, unit in a multi-unit residential or commercial building, and common area in a multi-unit building (such as a courtyard, parking level, or common recreation room) […]

2.2 Areas, Details & Actions

In zInspector, a Property typically contains one or more Areas; each Area, in turn, contains one or more Details. Additionally, during most zInspector activities, an Action can be specified for any Area Detail for which it is indicated. These tags, Areas, Details and Actions are valuable context for inspection media (photos, 360s, and videos). In Quick […]

2.1 Activities & Timeline

In zInspector, an Activity is an inspection report (conditions, comments, etc), a standard or custom form or document, or a group of media (photos/videos/360s) created for a particular activity and property on a particular day. Once uploaded from your mobile device, Activities appear in Timeline as with different icons. Activities in Timeline In this example, […]

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