14. Tenant-Completed Inspections (Periodic and Renewal)

14.8.1 Tenant Inspections: Reminders & Other Settings

zInspector Admin users can customize the Tenant Inspection invitation, configure reminders, and set auto-disable and grace period options. To get started, select Settings, click on Admin Settings, and, under Tenant Settings, select Tenant Inspection. Here you can do the following: Customize the Default Welcome Message (emailed invitation’s greeting) per your company’s preferences. Add your email […]

14.10 Tenant Renewal Inspection (Process Example)

Property managers can easily ask tenants nearing the end of their lease to complete a Tenant Renewal Inspection. By doing so, they can efficiently gauge tenant interest in lease renewal while obtaining a current picture of important property conditions in order to evaluate the tenant’s viability for lease renewal. Invite a Tenant to Perform the […]

14.9 Tenant Inspection Photo Requirements (Updated)

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO TENANT-COMPLETED INSPECTIONS (Feb 2020) The default Tenant Move In and Tenant Annual Inspection templates have been updated. Tenants are now required to take a general photo of every Area (room, yard, or system) even if every detail within the Area is marked as Satisfactory.  Tenants will see a red camera icon next […]

14.8 Scheduled Tenant Inspection Invitations and Reminders – NEW!

No more waiting to invite your tenant the morning of their Move In. You can now schedule tenant inspections in advance! Scheduled invitations prove especially convenient if a tenant signs a lease well in advance of move-in,  or if a tenant opts to move in well after the lease start date. Easily control the invitation […]

14.7 Tenant-Completed Inspection Report – Actual Sample

With a few clicks of the mouse, a zInspector user invites their tenant to perform an inspection. A few taps on their smartphone, the tenant is already performing the inspection on a specific app dedicated and simplified for tenants. The signed, submitted, photo-packed report uploads to the website, emails to you, and emails to the […]

14.11 Request HVAC Filter Size/Info from Tenants

Subscription services like Second Nature offer a great convenience to your tenants while helping maintain the property. Using zInspector’s Tenant Inspection feature, you can invite tenants to fill out a form to collect all of the necessary information needed to get them started on the Second Nature HVAC filter subscription delivery service. A default template […]

14.6 Tenant Periodic Inspection Intro / Webinar

zInspector presents Tenant-Completed Periodic / Renewal Inspections Introductory Webinar Video (3/24/20) Over 250 Attendees! For more articles and resources on this exciting new feature click here.  

14.5 Tenant Inspection Bulk Invitations

This feature is available for Enterprise accounts only. Invite dozens or even thousands of tenants to perform inspections in one operation! Bulk invitations is very simply and fast to use.  Here are the core steps: On the Tenants page, use the search bars to show the desired list of tenants. Click the Select All checkbox […]

14.4 Tenant Template Customization Basics

Tenant-Completed Inspection templates are sent to tenants via invite and performed in the zTenant app (previously called Tenant Move-In). These templates may be customized as needed by your company. The video below outlines the basic process. All active templates, meaning those currently available for your team to perform in the zInspector 3 app and for […]

14.3 Quick Tenant-Completed Inspection Invites for Synced Accounts

If your zInspector account is correctly synced with a property accounting software like Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, Appfolio, or Propertyware then you should be able to quickly invite your tenant to perform their own inspection. Go to the Tenants page (previously called Turnover), and search for the property of interest.  In the Tenant Inspection column, […]

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