01. Getting Started

0.0 1-Hour zInspector Overview (Classic App)

The video below covers core features of the legacy zInspector website and the classic zInspector mobile app.  For info on the new zInspector website and zInspector 3 app (released Octover 2019), please see the What’s New chapter of the knowledgebase. Before starting the video, we encourage you to sign in to your zInspector online portal […]

1.6 Importing Properties / Units From a Spreadsheet

To import properties / units from a spreadsheet, check out this page (includes a video): https://support.zinspector.com/videos/mass-property-uploader-video Still need help with this? Email us!

1.0 Quick Start Tutorial (Setup & Inspect)

Are you a property manager just getting started with zInspector? This will guide you through some basic actions. Add Employees / Group Members. Select Contacts then Group from the menu bar. Click on the +New Member button. (In the popup box, click on the “Update billing later” link if it appears.) Enter details for the […]

1.5 Reports: Sending, Viewing, & Finding

Sending & Receiving Reports by Email Reports generated in zInspector are sent to the email address(es) specified in Settings under Email Integration. To send reports to others on the fly, additional email inputs are offered at the end of the Property Management Inspection and Documents (Docs) completion processes. In addition, you can always enable or […]

1.4 Perform a Property Management Inspection

Property Management Inspections enable you as a Property Manager to conduct and document a full property inspection with ease. Your photos and comments upload to our servers for storage and future access, and they appear on a generated PDF report. Perform a Property Management Inspection Using the App Create a New Inspection From the main […]

1.3 Perform a Photo Inspection

The zInspector app’s flexible Photo Inspection tool lets you take photos for any Property and Activity. It’s a great tool for simple task documentation. Perform a Photo Inspection Using the App Tap Photo Inspection on the main screen to go to the Photo Inspection screen. Tap on the Property drop-down menu at the top of […]

1.1 Basic Account Setup / Getting Started

Welcome to zInspector, a synchronized photo, video, and report service for Property Inspectors. Here you will learn how to create a basic account and gain access to your zInspector online account portal (via the website) and in the field / on-site functionality (using the app). Create a Basic Account Register here. Fill out the form, […]

1.2 Create a Property

You can use zInspector to inspect Single-Family Residential, Multi-Unit Residential and even Commercial properties. To inspect any type of property, you first have to create the property on either the app or online portal (via web browser). Creating Properties To create properties in zInspector, you have three options: Create properties on the go with the […]