01. Getting Started

1.1.2 Getting Started: Basic (Free) Account

This guide covers the creation of a basic account, accessing the zInspector website, and downloading the app, with a few extra tips and tricks thrown in along the way. In zInspector, a Basic account is ideal for a single user such as a tenant, homeowner, or any user with fewer than five properties (meaning units […]

1.0.2 Getting Started 2 – Video Orientation for Account Owner / Admin User

zInspector offers an ever-expanding toolkit for property managers. Are you a new account owner or admin user uncertain where to begin?  We suggest that you start with the video below, which focuses on account setup via the website. Be sure to watch Getting Started 1 first to learn how the front-line inspection process works.

1.0.1 Getting Started 1 – Video Orientation for Group Member / Inspector

zInspector offers an ever-expanding toolkit for property managers. Are you a new zInspector group member needing to get up to speed and start performing inspection activities ASAP? If so, we suggest that you start with the video below, which focuses on getting started with the zInspector 3 inspection app. Admin users should watch Getting Started […]

1.9 Create a Lease/Tenant

Important: If you use and/or have already integrated your zInspector account with a property accounting software such as Rentec Direct, AppFolio, or Propertyware, you should not manually add a Lease/Tenant manually. Instead, please add or update the lease in your accounting software, make sure that essential fields are filled out for the relevant tenant record […]

1.6 Next-Level Inspection Tips

The following tips will help you make the most of your inspections and get comfortable with the process. Refer Back to the Last Inspection: To call up the last inspection’s condition values for reference during the current inspection, tap as needed so that “Compare: On” is displayed. The previous inspection’s condition values will show in […]

1.8 Uploading Properties (Units) in Bulk

Rather than manually add each property individually, zInspector allows you to upload them in bulk using a spreadsheet (.csv) format. Uploaded spreadsheet data will synchronize to all users on your account and be available for future inspections. This feature is especially useful for users just getting started with zInspector who have a large property portfolio or […]

1.4. Perform a Property Management Inspection (Inspections)

Inspections provide access to standard templates and any custom inspections, forms, and documents on your account in the zInspector 3 mobile app. This article covers the standard inspection template formats—Move In, Move Out, etc—in detail. Visual learner? This video provides a 10-minute intro to zInspector 3. Less is more? This article provides a minimalist guide […]

1.3 Perform a Photo-Based Inspection (Quick Pictures mode)

zInspector 3’s Quick Pictures mode provides a flexible, efficient way to take photos and video for any Property and Activity. It’s a great way to document a task (from creation to completion) or to supplement a template-based inspection being performed by another group member (using Inspect mode). Perform a Quick Pictures Inspection On the main […]

1.5 Span Settings: How and Why Photos Are Included in Reports

Not seeing photos on a specific report but sure they have uploaded? Wondering why zInspector includes or excludes media on a specific report? This is the article for you! zInspector can include or exclude photos automatically by default for all reports or manually for a specific report, depending on your preferences and practices, a specific […]

1.1.1 Getting Started: Paid & Trial Accounts

Just getting started with zInspector 3? This guide covers recommended first steps during the free trial and beyond. 1. Create an Account. Register here then sign in to the website. 2. Add Employees / Group Members. Select Contacts then Group from the menu bar. Click on the +New Member button. (In the popup box, click […]

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