01. Getting Started

0.0 zInspector Overview in 1 Hour

This video takes you through all of the core features of both the zInspector website and mobile app.  Learn how to setup and use the software. The core property inspection features will be covered as well as the more advanced features will be identified.  If you are a new to zInspector or a new employee […]

1.6 Importing Properties / Units From a Spreadsheet

Follow this video to import your units from a spreadsheet. Please feel free to contact support@zinspector.com for assistance. https://support.zinspector.com/videos/mass-property-uploader-video

1.0 New Account Checklist

Here are the Basic Getting Started Tips for Property Managers Add Employees / Group Members. Select the “Group” menu item from the top menu. Click on the “Invite new group members” link. In the popup box, click on the “Update billing later” link. Fill in the details of the new member in the form and […]

1.5 Report Options / Viewing and Finding Later

Receiving Reports via Email Reports generated will be sent to the email listed in Settings. To email reports to others on the fly, extra email inputs are offered at the end of Property Management Inspection and Documents. On our main site, we offer Email Integration for automatic additional emails to receive reports. Select Settings from […]

1.4 Perform a Property Management Inspection

Property Management Inspections help you as a Property Manager to easily do a full inspection on your properties. Your photos and comments both upload to our servers and also appear on a generated PDF report. Property Management Inspection Using the App Create a New Inspection From the main screen, tap on Property Management Inspection. Tap […]

1.3 Perform a Photo Inspection

Photo Inspection is a flexible inspection tool to take pictures for any property and Activity. How to do a Photo Inspection Using the App Tap Photo Inspection on the main screen to go to the Photo Inspection screen. Tap on the Property drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Tap a property name to […]

1.1 Approach / Basic Setup

Welcome to zInspector! A synchronized photo, video, and report service for Property Inspectors. Getting Started Register on our main site. Download the zInspector mobile app on your phone or tablet’s app store. Log in and create your first property! Learn zInspector terminology: Activity, Area and Detail, Tasks, and more! Use the best features in the […]

1.2 Create a Property

You can use zInspector to inspect Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential and even Commercial properties and units. To inspect any type of property, you will first have to create the property on the site or mobile app. Three Ways to Create Properties zInspector caters for three ways to create properties: Create properties on the go […]