03. Multi-Family Tips

3.3 Common Areas, Commercial, and Other Inspections

Inspections cover a wide range of potential items including inspection of: Single Units Common Areas of a complex Commercial offices or complexes Any space that needs its own inspection: see Properties and Units Types of inspections include Pre-Inspection, Move In, Move Out and Annual inspections.

3.2 User Groups – control access per building / portfolio

zInspector allows Administrators to set User Groups for Group members to define and limit property access. On the website, go to the Group menu item and then click on the User Group tab.  Here you can: Create new User Groups from Group Members Assign Property Groups to User Groups to limit user’s property access To […]

3.1 Creating Multi-unit Properties

Both the website and the mobile app have tools for creating Multi-unit properties. On the mobile app, multi-unit property creation is available via New Property/Unit. Tip: Multi-unit works best for units that are very similar , and we recommend running the tool once per floor of a complex. On the website, the New Multi-Unit Property […]