03. Multi-Family Tips

3.3 Common Area, Commercial, and Other Inspections

Inspections are often needed for more than single- and multi-unit residential properties. zInspector can be used to inspect a wide range of properties including: Single units Common areas of a complex (called “Common Inspection Units” in zInspector) Commercial offices or complexes Any other space that needs its own inspection. Here’s more info about Properties and […]

3.2 User Groups – Control Access Per Building / Portfolio

By creating User Groups, a zInspector Admin user can define and limit property access for every group member. Through the website (via browser), select Group from the menu bar and click on the User Group tab in order to: Create a new User Group to which you can then assign group members. Click the New […]

3.1 Creating Multi-Unit Properties

Both the zInspector mobile app and online portal include tools for multi-unit property creation. Using the mobile app, tap New Property/Unit, then Multi-Unit Property. Note: Multi-Unit works best for units that are very similar. Tip: We recommend that you run the tool once per floor of a complex. Using the web portal, select Properties from […]