03. Multi-Family Tips

3.3 Common Area, Commercial, and Other Inspections

Inspections are often needed for more than single- and multi-unit residential properties. zInspector can be used to inspect a wide range of properties including: Single units Common areas of a complex (called “Common Inspection Units” in zInspector) Commercial offices or complexes Any other space that needs its own inspection Here’s more info about Properties and […]

3.2 User Groups – Assign Access by Building / Portfolio

With User Groups, a zInspector Admin can define and limit property access for every group member, to provide only the access to properties that a given user will need or simply to focus their attention on the properties with which they are concerned. By default, new users are assigned to the “All Units” user group. […]

3.1 Creating Multi-Unit Properties

Both the zInspector 3 app and website include tools for multi-unit property creation. On the app, tap Property/Unit, +New (at the bottom of the screen), then Multi Unit to get started. On the website, select Properties > Properties from the menu bar, click the +New button, and select Multi-Unit Property to get started. Note: Multi-unit […]

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