09. Scheduler / Task Manager

9.10.3 Copy zInspector Work Orders Into Your Task Management Software

When performing your inspections with the zInspector 3 app, you can mark any property detail as an Action item (!). When you submit the inspection, tasks are automatically created for any specified action items. One task is created for each specified action type during a given inspection.  For example, you may have five items specified […]

9.10.2 zInspector Task Manager: Work Orders

Whenever you mark something as an Action (!) item during a condition-based inspection, zInspector automatically creates a task and includes the item in a work order. Here’s how it works: Start a condition-based inspection (e.g., Annual, Move In, Move Out) on the zInspector 3 app. Mark anything that requires attention as an Action (!) by […]

9.10.1 Create Service Issues in Rent Manager with zInspector

zInspector’s two-way integration with Rent Manager allows for service tickets (issues) to be created automatically in Rent Manager based on your inspection findings and the resulting tasks created automatically in zInspector. To set up the Rent Manager integration, please review these instructions. Once the integration is active, you can simply start inspecting with zInspector: Open […]

9.10 Create Work Orders Automatically with Action Items

zInspector creates work orders automatically for you whenever you mark something as an Action item (!) during your inspection. You can use zInspector to send a work order to a vendor or you can easily copy and paste the work order information to any other task management software. All work orders are listed under a […]

9.8 Creating Tasks by Email

To create a task by email, simply send an email to communications@ztaskmanager.com. Emails to this address process every 2-5 minutes, so you may not see the newly created task right away.

9.5 Using Tasks with a Calendar on the Mobile App

Take advantage of Calendar synchronization to zInspector. It provides quick access to key information that can prove invaluable, for one, when you are preparing for a property visit to perform a task.  With Calendar enabled, the Task Description, Property Address, and all details under Task > Unit Access are added to the appointment in the […]

9.7 Tasks: See Only Those Assigned to You

Focus Your Task View in the App For zInspector accounts with many active field agents and tasks, it can be very helpful for users to see only those tasks to which they are assigned. Go to Settings > Task Settings on the mobile app and check-mark the box “Show only tasks assigned to me.” Now […]

9.6 Calendar Integration

The zInspector Task Manager can be used to manage outside vendor tasks or your own office’s appointments. Whenever viewing a Task, one can choose to Include the item on the Calendar or not.  If you are managing a major construction job over multiple days, you likely do not want that item on a calendar.  But, […]

9.4 Task To-Do Lists

With Task To-Do Lists, you can solidify your property-related processes and develop essential checklists for your business. Create any number of custom task to-do lists and then select and apply one or more of them to any task(s).  Use To-Do lists to document basic office processes and procedures, keeping your team consistent and on-point for […]

9.3 Task / Schedule Emails & Notifications to Employees & Contacts

Task Manager features a very robust Comments / Email Communications tool. From the Comments box, you can write comments, send emails with attached documents and photos, receive emails, and even receive documents by email. Important Features Email comments automatically to group members on your team designated as Assigned or Managed Contacts Check-mark the Assigned box […]

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