09. Scheduler / Task Manager

9.7 Auto-Turnover Task Creation Using Action Items

zInspector allows you to create turnover tasks directly in your Property Management Inspection using Action Items. If turnover repairs need to be done, simply tap the exclamation point next to the area detail that requires repair and select the appropriate action (repairs, cleaning, painting, flooring, etc.) and give it a priority. Then, complete your inspection […]

9.5 Tasks on the Mobile App — Calendar and the zInspector App

Task users should also use the Calendar synchronization features.  The Task Description, Property Address, and all details under Task > Unit Access will be added to the Calendar Appointment. The Unit Access section in the Task should be used to document access instructions such as resident contact info, lockbox settings, pet issues, etc. Google Calendar […]

9.6 Task Tips

Mobile App Task Viewing In Settings on the zInspector mobile app, checking the box “Show only tasks assigned to me” will only show Tasks where the logged in user is the Assigned or Managed Task Contact To default the “Show only tasks assigned to me” as checked, add the following line to Smart Comments. This […]

9.4 Task To Do Lists

With Task To Do Lists, you can really set your processes.  Develop any number of custom checklists for your business. You can create any number of custom To Do lists, and, then select and apply one or more To Do lists to any tasks.  Use To Do lists to document basic office processes and procedures […]

9.3 Task / Schedule Emails and Notifications to Employees, Vendors, Owners, and Tenants

Task Manager has a very powerful Comments / Email Communications Tool. From the Comments box, you can write Comments, Send Emails, Send Attached Documents and Photos, Receive Emails, and even Receive Documents by Email. Import Features Include Comments are automatically emailed to other group members if they are the Assigned or Managed Contacts Manually add […]

9.2 Managing / Assigning / Scheduling Tasks

The zInspector task manager gives you the ability to easily sort, search, and find tasks as well as communicate with others and schedule appointments. An important aspect of that is setting the Managed Contact and the optional Assigned Contact for every Task. When creating a Task, the managed contact is automatically assigned to the User […]

9.1 Scheduler / Task Manager Overview

The zInspector Task  Manager / Scheduler can be used to simply schedule your Inspections or it can be used as complete Task Management System for Work Orders and Service Calls. Important aspects include: Rapid Task Search Page – while appearing like a simple spreadsheet, the Task Manager overview page allows you to quickly scan, sort, […]