15. Legacy Resources

1-Hour zInspector Overview (Classic App)

The video below covers core features of the legacy zInspector website and the classic zInspector mobile app.  For info on the new zInspector website and zInspector 3 app (released October 2019), please see the What’s New chapter of the knowledgebase. Before starting the video, we encourage you to sign in to your zInspector online portal […]

5.12 Move-In Inspection, Signatures Later

Many zInspector users find it especially convenient to complete a full Property Management Move-In Inspection, send it to the tenant for review and feedback,  edit conditions in the report as needed (whether remotely or in person), and simply obtain the tenant’s signature at a convenient time. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Complete a full […]


During property inspections, you can enable zInspector’s Multi-shot app feature to take multiple photos, note conditions, and make comments—all on one screen. How to Enable Multi-Shot on the Mobile App Multi-shot is enabled in Settings on the zInspector app. (Note: This feature works best on iOS devices, such as iPad. Android performance, depending on the […]


zInspector helps to eliminate cumbersome pen & paper processes during property visits and inspections by allowing you to easily work with existing templates in Docs on the mobile app. Select Docs from the main menu to access and fill out document templates, such as HOA violation and pet inspection forms, and upload them to the server […]

Perform a Property Management Inspection (Classic App)

Property Management Inspections enable you as a Property Manager to conduct and document a full property inspection with ease. Your photos and comments upload to our servers for storage and future access, and they appear on a generated PDF report. Perform a Property Management Inspection Using the App Create a New Inspection From the main […]

Perform a Photo Inspection (Classic App)

The zInspector app’s flexible Photo Inspection tool lets you take photos for any Property and Activity. It’s a great tool for simple task documentation. Perform a Photo Inspection Using the App Tap Photo Inspection on the main screen to go to the Photo Inspection screen. Tap on the Property drop-down menu at the top of […]