20. Legacy Resources

LEGACY – DO NOT USE – 11.5.1 AppFolio Tenant / Lease Sync

Automatically Sync AppFolio Tenant / Lease Data Once you have your  AppFolio property / unit sync enabled, you can also sync your AppFolio tenant / lease info into zInspector. You must have properties synced before you can set up tenant sync for those properties—so refer to our AppFolio Sync support article here as needed. Set […]

LEGACY – DO NOT USE – 11.5.2 Quick Refresh Of AppFolio Sync Data

To update your property—and optionally your tenant—data automatically, AppFolio scheduled reports are sent to zInspector every morning. Sometimes you may need your AppFolio changes to update more quickly so that you can work with the recently updated data in zInspector. Fortunately, it’s easy to perform a quick-sync of properly synced AppFolio reports with zInspector. If […]

LEGACY – DO NOT USE – 11.5 Automatic, Daily AppFolio Sync

Sync Your AppFolio Property / Unit List Daily & Automatically Carefully follow these instructions to sync your AppFolio properties to zInspector every day, automatically. AppFolio sync is available only on Business or higher tier accounts. See your Billing page for more info, or reach out to us any time. AppFolio property/unit sync setup is quick […]

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