12. z360 Cameras and Virtual Tours

12.7 2D Layout and Virtual Tour Building – BETA Starting Soon!

zInspector is currently beta testing a 2D layout tool, which utilizes an in-app tap-and-drag tool to create a graphical property/unit layout.  The Layout creator also allows you to start from a sample layout (many to choose from!) or from a previously favorited layout. The final 2D layout makes a great point of reference during property […]

12.6 Add a Virtual Tour to a Rental Listing (Example: Buildium)

Virtual tours you created in zInspector can now be added directly to your rental listings! This article takes you through the steps to add a virtual tour to a property listing page—in this case, a listing on Buildium.  The custom link can be added to any listing in simple HTML to bring viewers of a […]

12.5 Virtual Tour – Action Links

To direct virtual tour viewers directly to a company website, or even a specific property page for each tour, you can easily create custom action links in zInspector.  For instance, your action link might read  “Apply online!” “Learn More,” or “Contact the Agent.” Watch the video or scroll down to see how it works.   […]

12.4 Use 360 Tours for Marketing

zInspector users can take full advantage of the 360 Virtual Tours feature by using them for marketing purposes. Simply include tour links on your website. Here’s how: Step 1) Copy the link of the Virtual Tour you’d like to use on your website (e.g., https://portfolio.zinspector.com/property/tour/145701). Step 2) Go to your website editing platform. Simply enter […]

12.2 360 Camera Comparison

Which 360 Camera Do I Need? Wondering which camera to buy for use with zInspector’s 360 feature? Look no further. We’ve put together a product comparison for you to easily see the pros and cons of the best panoramic cameras on the market. We do our best to update this page as camera firmware support […]

12.3 Virtual Tours

Eligible zInspector users can convert their 360º property images into a virtual tour in seconds! Assemble a brief property tour, complete with background music, in just a few clicks. The tour link can be shared with your property website for easy viewing by prospective tenants and owners and for other marketing purposes.   To get […]

12.1 360 Camera Purchase, Setup & Troubleshooting

Service Alert May 05, 2021 Users of the SC2 camera who have updated their iOS device to iOS14.5 need to do a firmware update.  You will download a piece of software from Ricoh onto your computer.  Follow the instructions and update the firmware.  Once completely finished, be sure to turn off the power on the […]

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