12. z360 Cameras and Virtual Tours

12.5 Virtual Tour – Action Links!

Now with zInspector Virtual Tours, you can create your own custom link to include in your tour that will link directly to your company webpage or even a unique link for each tour (apply online)! Watch the video or scroll below to see screenshots.   Example Virtual Tour Step 1) On the zInspector website, log […]

12.4 Use 360 Tours for Marketing

Take advantage of our 360 Tours and use them for your own personal marketing! Here’s how to include links to example tours on your website: Step 1) Copy the link of the Virtual Tour you’d like to use on your website. Example: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/property/tour/145701 Step 2) Go to your website editing platform. Simply paste the text you’d […]

12.2 360 Camera Comparison

What Is The Best 360 Camera? Curious about which camera is the best to buy for zInspector’s 360 feature? Look no further! We’ve put together a product comparison for you to easily see the pros and cons of three of the best panoramic cameras on the market: The Ricoh Theta SC, Theta S, and Theta V. […]

12.3 Virtual Tours

zInspector’s brand new Virtual Tours feature allows users to convert their 360 property images into virtual tours in seconds! With a few clicks, you can have a short property tour complete with background music. The link is also shareable onto your property website for easy viewing and other marketing purposes. Get started with this great new feature […]

12.1 z360 Setup, Cameras & Troubleshooting

Capture Every Surface of a Room in One Tap! The 360 cameras are very easy to use and can definitely be shared across multiple zInspector users.  Once setup, you will simply stand the camera in a middle of a room on a tri-pod, walk back to the hallway, and then make a single tap on […]