06. Customization / Admin Settings

6.11.2 Properties — Adding Area Descriptions In Bulk

Area Descriptions are necessary to differentiate any multiple rooms of the same type, such as Bedrooms and Bathrooms. Then, every inspector, tenant, and property owner knows which area is being referred to on a given property.  Typically, when your inspector first does a Move Out, they will enter these values on the zInspector app. Then, […]

6.11.1 Properties — Adding Areas in Bulk

As you may already know, you can add Areas to a property at any time with zInspector. But what is even better is that you can do it for multiple properties at once! This action is available exclusively to Admin users on the Properties Admin Page via Properties > Admin Page. To speed things up, […]

6.11 Properties ⁠— Bulk Operations

zInspector’s bulk editing tool for properties allows you to conveniently modify a few, many, or all properties at once. These higher-level property editing tools are available exclusively to Admin users on the Properties Admin Page via Properties > Admin Page. Here you will start by selecting at least two property records. Pro Tip: You can […]

6.10 Using Table Search to Create An Inspection History Dashboard

zInspector’s powerful table search capabilities can help you manage your inspections by filtering for inspection dates. Table Search of Properties Using a table search on the Properties page, you can focus in on properties not recently inspected and arrange for an inspection accordingly. You will focus on the Last Activity date column to generate an interactive […]

6.4 Changing Final Comments on an Inspection Template

You can change the Final Comments that pre-populate any inspection template in zInspector. Here’s how. 1. On the zInspector website main menu bar, select Properties and click on Documents. 2. Click on the Document Templates button to see your list of Active Templates. 3. For the template that you’d like to change, click on the New Draft button: […]

6.9 Change Company Name

The company name you provided when setting up your zInspector account will automatically populate to multiple locations within your account, including in reports and emails.  If you need to change the company name (say it was entered incorrectly or you have re-branded) you need to change the distinct locations where it is used. A global […]

6.8 Enterprise Customization

Using zInspector enterprise customization settings, Admin users can personalize inspection reports as well as other documents and media, for example, to display the company’s name. The video guide below covers the basics, and a written walkthrough follows it. Important: These enterprise customization/branding features are only available at the Enterprise subscription level. To follow along with the […]

6.7 Adding Your Logo to PM Inspection Reports

Your company logo can be added by default to Property Management Inspection reports in two easy steps: 1. Upload your logo under Document Templates: Select Settings then Document Templates, and click on the Customize tab. Drag and drop your logo into the drop-zone at left (or click there to select a file to upload). Click […]

6.2 Area Groups (Area Sort)

Area Groups (a.k.a. Area Sort) collect a property’s Areas together into specific groups to define the flow of an inspection (from one area to the next) and order the property areas as they will be organized in inspection reports. When generating any property management report, you can opt to use Area Groups or not, and […]

6.6 Smart Comments

Smart Comments provide mobile app users with a list of predefined comments to easily add to any photo or detail during an inspection on zInspector 3. This can be a great way to standardize feedback for common findings across inspections performed by your business. In the example below, an app user has searched for “Door” […]

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