06. Customization / Admin Settings

6.3b Changing the Report Title for a Previously Submitted Property Management Inspection

Property Management Inspection within zInspector is an incredibly powerful tool for your Move In and Move Out Inspections. However, many users use Property Management (PM) Inspection for more general purposes like: New Property Setup, Annual, or Full Home Inspections. zInspector users can use the Report Title feature to re-name the inspection to any desired purpose. […]

6.8 Enterprise Customization

zInspector allows customers to edit their Enterprise Settings to include their company name in the footers of property inspection reports and other zInspector features. Here are the steps to customize your reports! Video tutorial is at the bottom of the page. Step 1) Go to the settings page or follow this link. Here you can […]

6.7 Adding Your Logo to Property Management Reports

Your company logo can be added by default to Property Management Inspection reports. Step 1. Upload your logo under the Document Templates section Advanced –> Documents –> Document Templates –> Customize https://portfolio.zinspector.com/documents/settings/ Step 2. Set your logo to be enabled by default on Property Management Inspection reports under Admin Settings. Settings –> Admin Settings –> […]

6.2 Area Groups

Area Groups  collectively group Areas together in lists for sorting and searching. For any property management report, you can control whether to use Area Groups or not as part of report generation.  You can change this at any time. Usage of Area Groups is fully optional, if you want a more simple setup where all […]

6.6 Smart Comments

Smart Comments allow mobile app users to have a list of predefined comments to easily add to any photo or property management inspection. Edit them on the website through  Smart Comments on the admin page. Those Smart Comments will then synchronize to all of your companies mobile app users. Smart Comments enable your office to customize […]

6.5 Change “Inspector” to “Property Manager” text on PM Inspections

By default, your Property Management inspection reports in the right hand side at the top, it will say “Inspector: Name_of_Group_User” If you want your reports to say something other than Inspector such as Property Manager, Technician, Agent, etc, you can change that in Admin Settings under the Report and Task Email Settings. The direct link […]

6.4 Pre-populating Final Comments (or Additional Comments) in PM Inspections

To pre-populate the Final Comments in Property Management Inspections with preset text: On the zInspector website: Go to Settings –> Admin Settings –> Smart Comments Then click on Insert anywhere, and add each of the following lines: z:[[ Final Comments | Welcome to your new home.  If you have any issues with this move-in condition report, […]

6.3a Custom Report Titles for a PM Inspection

To add Custom Titles to Property Management Inspection reports: On the zInspector website: Go to Settings –> Admin Settings –> Smart Comments https://portfolio.zinspector.com/profile/smartComments/ Then click on Insert anywhere, and add each of the following lines: z:[[ Report Title | Inspection | [Inspection] ]] z:[[ Report Title | Annual Inspection | [Inspection] ]] z:[[ Report Title | New Property Setup | [Inspection] ]] The result […]

6.1 Customizing Area Details

Customize your Areas and Details beyond the standard zInspector defaults by going to your admin options on the website and selecting Area Details. Here you can add, remove, or change areas’ details. Add custom details for easy customization of areas across devices. These changes will be synchronized to all group members.