10. Troubleshooting

10.8 Using the Merge Tool to Merge Duplicate Properties in zInspector

The Merge Tool allows you to merge duplicate properties. This can be helpful if two different individuals created the same property with slightly different names in zInspector and each performed inspections on the property, or if a duplicate property is created during accounting software sync. This tool allows the two properties, along with all the […]

10.7 Change Company Name

zInspector uses your company name as received at sign-up in multiple locations within the website, reports, and emails.  If that information was entered incorrectly or if you have re-branded your company, you need to change this in multiple locations.  It is done this way because it also gives you the ability to control and set […]

10.6 Bulk Delete & Verify Media Tools

Need a start-over?  Did you improperly import a spreadsheet with lots of units?  Did you mistakenly use the multi-unit new property tool for testing?  Now…no problem!  Here are the steps to use the Bulk Delete and Verify Media tools within your zInspector account to delete all of those units in one process! The basic steps […]

10.5 ‘Camera Not Found’ Error

If you are getting the an error message that your camera or microphone cannot be found on the zInspector app, it’s an easy fix! Follow these steps: Close the zInspector app and go to your device settings. Scroll down and click on the zInspector app option. Enable the Camera and Microphone switches so they turn […]

10.0 Understanding / Troubleshooting the Queue

zInspector two-part synchronization approach allows for numerous users to inspect the same properties even without an internet connection. In short, the Sync button in the upper right hand corner of the mobile app determines if your mobile app has recently sync’d with the server for your list of Properties, Company Settings, and Contacts. The Queue […]

10.4 Edit an inspection after already uploading to the server

Subject to your User permission privileges as determined by your Admin user, you can edit Photos / Videos / Inspections once uploaded. For Photo Inspections, simply find the photo of interest view Timeline and then click Edit Tags. For Property Management Inspections, find the inspection of interest, click on Create / View Report, you can […]

10.3 Changing a property once created

To change a property once it’s already been created, you have two options: On the Mobile App On the mobile app, Properties and Units can only be changed by: Adding new areas Changing Area descriptions Changing Area Group We do not allow the deletion of Areas on the mobile app in order to enable the […]

10.2 I completed an inspection but had the wrong property selected

NOTE: new option as indicated below created in early 2017. There are three options. Change the Property Name. If you are a near brand new customer with limited history, you can simply rename the property to the correct name.  You can do this under the Properties tab at: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/property/list/     Find the property of interest and then click […]

10.1 I see my inspection notes but not my photos from a PM Inspection

If in the upper right hand corner of the inspection, the report says Interim in red letters, that means your inspection report notes have uploaded but your inspections Photos or Videos have not completed uploading yet.  Please go back to your mobile app . If there are still items in the Queue, then, those must […]