10. Troubleshooting

10.10 Changing An Inspection Activity Date

zInspector Admin users can easily change the date for a previously completed inspection or other activity if needed. To begin, open the report you wish to edit from the zInspector Timeline. Step 1) Click on the Share (curved arrow) icon at lower right. Step 2) Select Change Date. Step 3) Specify a new date from […]

10.9 Missing Tenants or Properties for Tenant-Completed Inspection Invites

When inviting tenants to complete their own Move In or Periodic inspections, key info about the tenant and their lease needs to be in zInspector. If you use one of the popular accounting softwares with which zInspector syncs, you can avoid manually entering this crucial tenant and lease info. Initial Sync with Accounting Software If […]

10.7 Deleting an Activity

Removing an activity from your Timeline and zInspector account is easy. To prevent accidental or unauthorized activity deletion, only zInspector Admin users can delete an activity.   A final report containing the data from the deleted activity will be automatically emailed to you. Important Note: An activity cannot be recovered once deleted, not even by […]

10.8 Merging Duplicate Properties (Merge Tool)

Duplicate properties—two property records referring to the same single-family residence or unit in a multi-residence building—are sometimes created in zInspector. This can happen when two different agents create a property under a slightly different name (123 Cherry St and 123 Cherry Street) and perform inspections on their version of the property, or when an integration […]

10.6 Deleting Properties in Bulk & the Verify Media Tool

Did you improperly import a spreadsheet with lots of units—or mistakenly use the multi-unit new property tool for testing?  Need a do-over? No problem! Simply go to your Admin’s Property Page, archive the units/properties, use the Verify Media tool to empty any contents, and delete them. Here are the specific steps to use the Bulk […]

10.5 ‘Camera Not Found’ Error

If you are getting the an error message that your camera or microphone cannot be found on the zInspector app, don’t worry—it’s an easy fix. Follow these steps: Close the zInspector app, and go to your device Settings. Scroll down and select the zInspector app settings. Enable the Camera and Microphone switches (green means enabled). […]

10.0 Queue & Sync + Gallery View & WiFi Settings

zInspector’s two-part synchronization approach—Sync & Queue—allows for numerous users to inspect the same properties even without an internet connection. Website changes sync to mobile device(s). Inspections upload via the Queue.   Sync The Sync icon/button in the app toolbar indicates the sync status of your mobile app. A green icon indicates that the app has […]

10.4 Edit a Completed Inspection (including PM Condition Values)

As an owner or Admin user, you can edit photos/videos and inspection report findings once they have uploaded to the website. For Quick Pictures inspections, go to Timeline, select the activity of interest and, when it opens, click the Edit? button on any photo to edit its tags. Helpful tip: Uploaded photos still stored in […]

10.3 Changing an Existing Property

Changes to existing properties can be made from the zInspector app or website. Some changes can only be made on the website, and some changes there can only be made by an Admin user. On the zInspector App Use the mobile app to edit Properties/Units in the following ways: Add New Areas Edit Area Descriptions […]

10.2 Wrong Property Selected for Inspection (Change Property Name)

From time to time, you may select the incorrect property from the list when performing an inspection in the app.  Once you have submitted an inspection in zInspector 3, you may find that you have generated an inspection under the wrong property name. Fortunately, you can change the property association very easily in most cases. […]

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