00. New & Noteworthy

ALL NEW: Statistics Dashboard

Our all-new statistics dashboard is a game-changing tool to view and monitor KPIs that matter most to you as a property manager. The dashboard will provide you with valuable insight into the performance of your team, from multiple perspectives, all in one place. Easily answer questions like: How many inspections were performed per user in […]

11.5 NEW: TWO-WAY Appfolio Sync

zInspector now supports a full two-way integration with AppFolio! With this powerful integration, you can: Instantly sync all your property and lease information, as well as tenant and owner contact data. Your AppFolio data will stay in sync with zInspector updating continuously throughout the day to stay current as you acquire new properties and add […]

NEW: zData – Powerful Quick-Capture & Storage of Property Details

Property managers have a lot of information to keep track of when it comes to the properties in their care. Details such as flooring types, paint colors, appliance model and serial numbers, and HVAC filter sizes and expiration dates have never been easy to keep straight, much less capture, organize, and reference as needed, until […]

Google Drive Sync

zInspector now offers a powerful integration with Google Drive’s Sheets! Avoid mind-numbing, eye-crossing data entry tasks and free up your team for more important work. Automatically sync your property, contact, and inspection data into Sheets. Additionally sync the last three months of your inspection Timeline. Effortlessly copy your synced data into other spreadsheets in seconds. […]

11.7 Rentvine Integration

zInspector now supports a full two-way integration with Rentvine! Instantly sync your properties, including bedroom and bathroom counts, your tenant and owner contact information as well as lease data from Rentvine into zInspector. zInspector will upload copies of your inspection reports back into Rentvine upon submission and generate work orders in Rentvine based on your inspection findings. […]

BRAND NEW: zTenant – App Builder!

The zTenant custom app builder empowers you to create your own custom app easily, quickly, and with no coding required.   zTenant is often used to mobilize tenant portal resources and consolidate current and prospective tenant functionality in one convenient place. But zTenant can be instead customized for a different set of users or customers […]

TEMPLATES UPDATE: Rich-Text Comments Fields

Standard comments fields, often located at the end of a template, can now be replaced with a rich-text field. Rich-text comments can include bold, italicized, and underlined text, as well as bullet points. These formatting options can add structure, clarity, and emphasis to your comments. Example: Adding a Rich-Text Comment Field to a Template You […]

NEW: Costs Tool – Add Costs to Action Items

Whether you are in the field performing an inspection or back in the office, you can add a cost to your damaged or action items. On the zInspector 3 app, you will now see an additional field to enter your costs right under each action option. Mark something as “Owner Responsibility” or “Tenant Damage” and […]

NEW: In-App Measurements Tool (iOS)

The zInspector 3 app now supports In-App Measurements, allowing you to effortlessly measure windows, doors, walls, and much more, while performing your next inspection. Note: This feature is currently available only for iOS devices. Using the augmented reality capabilities of your smartphone or tablet you can: Easily measure areas, details and more from the camera […]

GUIDE: Tenant-Completed Periodic / Renewal Inspections

Process Overview – Free and non-Synchronized Accounts (~5 Minutes) Process Overview – Synchronized Accounts (~2 Minutes) Template Customization Basics (~5 Minutes) Tenant Inspection Bulk Invitations Introductory Webinar – Recorded Video Announcement (3/16/20)

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