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Changing Final Comments on an Inspection Template

You can change the Final Comments that pre-populate any inspection template in zInspector. Here’s how. 1. On the zInspector website main menu bar, select Properties and click on Documents. 2. Click on the Document Templates button to see your list of Active Templates. 3. For the template that you’d like to change, click on the New Draft button: […]

zInspector 3 FAQ

zInspector 3 – Frequently Asked Questions   What’s the difference between zInspector 3 and the classic zInspector app? Built from scratch and based on a wealth of real user feedback, zInspector 3 provides a radically improved camera experience and a modern, dynamic inspection interface.  Greatly enhanced battery life, offline access, background data uploading, and highly […]

Customizing Reports on the New Website

A note before you begin: Here we cover customization of zInspector reports using the new zInspector website (as of October 2019) . For info on customizing reports using the legacy website, see this article. zInspector Report Customization Once you have submitted a report on the zInspector app, you can customize on the website per your […]

System Documents: Override to Save a New Template

When creating your own custom inspection templates for the new zInspector 3 app, you will likely encounter a “System Documents” notification that prevents you from saving changes to an edited template draft.  The following video briefly explains why this occurs (don’t worry–it’s normal!) and how to work with or around it.  

Creating a New Inspection Template – Basics (Brief Video)

The new zInspector 3 app allows for unprecedented inspection customization for zInspector users. To create a new inspection template based on an existing one or to edit an existing template, you can draft and then publish a new version in Documents. This video briefly explains, as an example, how to create an Annual or Quarterly Inspection […]

Span Settings: How Photos Are Included in Reports

Not seeing photos on a specific report but sure they have uploaded? Confused about why zInspector includes (or doesn’t include) photos on a specific report? This is the article for you! zInspector can add or exclude photos automatically by default for all reports or manually for a specific report, depending on your preferences and practices, […]

Introducing the New Website

Next time you log into the zInspector website, you may be surprised. To keep pace with the zInspector 3 app, available now at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and to provide a modernized experience, the redesigned website offers nearly all the same functionality as the classic zInspector site. The new 3 app […]

All New zInspector 3 App Overview in 10 Minutes

This 10-minute video introduces new and experienced zInspector users alike to the new zInspector 3 app, released October 2019.   Download zInspector 3 today! Not already a customer? Register for an account first. Additional support documentation is in the works! For now, see What’s New on our support site. Have a question? Email support@zinspector.com!