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14.7 Tenant-Completed Inspection Report – Actual Sample

With a few clicks of the mouse, a zInspector user invites their tenant to perform an inspection. A few taps on their smartphone, the tenant is already performing the inspection on a specific app dedicated and simplified for tenants. The signed, submitted, photo-packed report uploads to the website, emails to you, and emails to the […]

Tenant-Completed Periodic / Renewal Inspections (NEW!)

This new feature will be free to everyone, even non-paid accounts, until at least the middle of July, at which time we hope the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation has improved.  We anticipate charging a reasonable fee for this feature in the future, once we determine that the COVID-19 impact has been sufficiently reduced. Relevant Articles: […]

Move-In Inspections Your Way

Most property managers are seeking solutions to very specific problems, and zInspector, strives to deliver a true inspection solution for any property management business large or small.  And no inspection procedure is more important to any PM or tenant than a Move In inspection. Use any (or all) of these methods to adjust to perfect […]

Request HVAC Filter Size/Info from Tenants

Subscription services like Second Nature offer a great convenience to your tenants while helping maintain the property. Using zInspector’s Tenant Inspection feature, you can invite tenants to fill out a form to collect all of the necessary information needed to get them started on the Second Nature HVAC filter subscription delivery service. A default template […]

zInspector 3 FAQ

zInspector 3 – Frequently Asked Questions   What’s the difference between zInspector 3 and the classic zInspector app? Built from scratch and based on a wealth of real user feedback, zInspector 3 provides a radically improved camera experience and a modern, dynamic inspection interface.  Greatly enhanced battery life, offline access, background data uploading, and highly […]

Customizing Reports on the New Website

zInspector Report Customization Global customization: Report settings that will apply to all reports generated across your zInspector account can be set by an Admin user here. Report-specific customization: Once an inspection report has been submitted and uploaded from the app, you can customize it on the website per your preferences, for a specific purpose, or […]

System Documents: Override to Save a New Template

When creating your own custom inspection templates for the new zInspector 3 app, you will likely encounter a “System Documents” notification that prevents you from saving changes to an edited template draft.  The following video briefly explains why this occurs (don’t worry–it’s normal!) and how to work with or around it.  

Creating a New Inspection Template – Basics (Brief Video)

The new zInspector 3 app allows for unprecedented inspection customization for zInspector users. To create a new inspection template based on an existing one or to edit an existing template, you can draft and then publish a new version in Documents. This video briefly explains, as an example, how to create an Annual or Quarterly Inspection […]

Recent Website Updates

Next time you log into the zInspector website, you may be surprised. To keep pace with the zInspector 3 app, available now at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and to provide a modernized experience, the redesigned website offers nearly all the same functionality as the classic zInspector site. The new 3 app […]