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App Update: Quick-View Media Button

In theory, a good inspection is performed methodically with nothing skipped or left out.  In practice, especially on a large or poorly maintained property, this can be easier said than done. Ever find yourself wondering midway through an inspection if you snapped photos of an important detail? Need to quickly edit or mark-up a photo […]

Update: Rich-Text Comments Fields

Standard comments fields, often located at the end of a template, can now be replaced with a rich-text field. Rich-text comments can include bold, italicized, and underlined text, as well as bullet points. These formatting options can add structure, clarity, and emphasis to your comments. Example: Adding a Rich-Text Comment Field to a Template You […]

Update: Report Gallery View

zInspector has just released a much-requested update to improve the viewing of inspection photos, videos, and 360s. You can now easily view the media gathered during an inspection in a convenient gallery-style view. In Timeline, click to open any inspection report (icon below) that contains media. Within the opened report preview, click on an Image, […]

Update: Persistent (“Sticky”) Custom-Spanned Report Media

zInspector users who have reused Move In photos for the Move Out inspection of a well-maintained property or converted a Move Out inspection to a Move In inspection have likely applied custom Span Settings to do so. Previously, it was always recommended that the user save a copy of the respanned report before closing it, […]

zData – Scan Text and Barcodes

zInspector now includes the ability to scan appliance, material, and fixture labels and tags to auto-recognize, capture, and store the important info with no hassle as a zData entry. On the zInspector 3 app, within any zData screen, during an inspection or via the Edit Areas menu, tap the Scan icon. Scanning Text (Tag or […]

Costs Feature – Add Costs to Action Items (In-App or on Website)

Whether you are in the field performing an inspection or back in the office, you can add a cost to your damaged or action items. On the zInspector 3 app, you will now see an additional field to enter your costs right under each action option. Mark something as “Owner Responsibility” or “Tenant Damage” and […]

All New: Take Physical Measurements with Your Device (iOS) from the zInspector 3 camera screen

The zInspector 3 app now supports In-App Measurements, allowing you to effortlessly measure windows, doors, walls, and much more, while performing your next inspection. Note: This feature is currently available only for iOS devices. Using the augmented reality capabilities of your smartphone or tablet you can: Easily measure areas, details and more from the camera […]

zData – Finishes & Fixtures

Keeping all the finish and fixture data on a property can be a overwhelming task—or it can be easy, with zData. Capture, store, and update important property details at the best time for you, whether conveniently during the next inspection, repair action, or turnover process—or from the comfort of your desk. Easily keep track of […]

zData – Appliance Info

zData has many great uses for property managers ready to get a handle on the more info-intensive aspects of their process. Capturing, organizing, and easily referencing appliance model and serial numbers is one of the biggest challenges and priorities that zData can help you resolve, one inspection at a time. Capture appliance info with zData […]

zData – Detail-Level Characteristics

Property managers have a lot of information to keep track of when it comes to the properties in their care. Details such as flooring types, paint colors, appliance model and serial numbers, and HVAC filter sizes and expiration dates have never been easy to keep straight, much less capture, organize, and reference as needed, until […]

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