08. Documents / Custom Templates

8.10 Custom Template Elements (Advanced Topic)

[MORE CONTENT COMING SOON]   zInspector’s standard templates included with every account work very well for most users and should cover most of your inspection needs. That said, all zInspector templates are fully customizable. Template customization is only recommended for experienced zInspector users who also possess some technical experience, such as coding or other template […]

8.14 – Custom Template Topic (Advanced) — Controlling Available Condition-Table Areas

This topic video is intended for advanced zInspector admin users who are experienced with template customization and who need this specific control over the areas that appear in a condition-based template.  It is not required or recommended for most users. In this example, a Preventative Area is present on all properties that includes items such […]

8.13 Advanced – Copying a Custom Template to Another zInspector Account

Experienced zInspector admin users may sometimes wish to copy a custom inspection template from one zInspector account to another—for instance, if their business maintains separate zInspector accounts for rentals and real estate.  This process can also be used to share a custom template with a user on another account.   Here are some example templates […]

8.12 NEW – Embedding Pictures, Videos, and Webpages within Document Instructions

You may embed your video links, web links, and PDF attachments within a Document Template.  This would provide instructions for the user (Tenant or Inspector / Agent) . Example: Embedded Video or Web Pages Into zInspector or Tenant Inspection App In the following example, three different commands are used. Instruction 1: Show a Line Break […]

8.11 Custom Template Width Issues

  You may have noticed that some custom templates in zInspector look a little different lately.  Specifically, templates including custom tables may look narrower than they used to, or squished to the left side of the page, like this: Now that we are compliance with the the latest HTML standards, the 500 pixel width specification […]

8.9 Changing Template Condition Values (N, S, D, !)

zInspector 3 standard inspection templates (Move In, Move Out) use condition values to make inspection findings clear and easy to communicate.  These condition values can be customized. To customize the condition values for an existing condition-table inspection, do the following. On the zInspector website: Go to Properties > Documents > Active Templates. Click New Draft […]

8.8 Download Custom Document Templates

zInspector provides a number of Custom Document Templates for you to try out and use for yourself. While you can access these zInspector custom templates without actually downloading them, this extra step gives you the ability to treat them as completely distinct documents: use them, work with them, and make them your own. Follow these […]

8.7 Supplemental Documents

Some zInspector users find it helpful to pair a certain Property Management Inspection type with specific documents that supplement it. For example, at the conclusion of a Move-Out inspection, you may prompt your employee to re-key a lock or post a For Rent sign.  These aren’t technically Move-Out inspection items that should be considered part […]

8.6 Include Photos by Default

You can automatically include photos by default with your zInspector custom Documents. First, On the zInspector website: Go to Settings, select Admin Settings, then click on Smart Comments (found under Inspections and Templates). Click +New and type z:[[Documents|autopictureON]] into the textbox (Where it says “Enter Comment here…”). Click Save. Then, on the mobile app: Tap the green […]