08. Documents / Custom Templates

8.8 Download Document Templates

zInspector provides a handful of Custom Document Templates for you to follow and use. Here are the steps to quickly add these templates to your zInspector account! A video tutorial is posted at the bottom of the page. Step 1) On the zInspector website, go to Advanced –> Docs. Then click the orange ‘Document Templates’ […]

8.7 Supplemental Documents

Some users use a combination of Property Management Inspection and Documents. For example, at the end of Move-Out inspection, you may prompt your employee to re-key a lock or post a For Rent sign.  These really aren’t Move Out inspection items to be used for Move In / Move Out comparison.  However, you can create a […]

8.6 Include Pictures By Default

Here’s how to automatically include pictures by default with  your zInspector custom Documents. Start by logging in to your zInspector online account and click the “Settings” tab in the navigation bar. Click on “Admin Settings” Click on “Smart Comments”    Direct link is: https://portfolio.zinspector.com/profile/smartComments/ On this page, click an “Insert” button and type z:[[Documents|autopictureON]] into the […]

8.4 Logo / Document Header

Under the Customize tab within the custom Document Templates section, you can upload your company logo.  The uploaded logo will appear on all custom Documents as well as on Property Management Inspection reports when you have the logo option enabled.  On this page, you also set the header and footer text that appears on all […]

8.2 Full Version Control — Change Your Office On The Fly

What is version control and why do I care?  Let’s take a simple process example like Smoke Detector Inspection.  In a very brief period of time, the laws changed in many states.  First, you needed one in each hallway.  Then, you also needed a Carbon Monoxide detector. Then, you needed a smoke detector in each […]

8.5 Task Docs

Task Docs allows you to group different documents together for a easy selection as part of the Task Manager / Scheduler. With Task Docs, you can combine Documents and Property Management Inspections into one selectable item.  For example, let’s says you are a Property Manager, you might create a group of documents (i.e. Task Docs) for […]

8.3 Creating a Custom Document Template

Creating Document Templates in zInspector is designed with a lot of flexibility so you can get the complete finished documents you want while making them quick to fill out in the field on a mobile device.  We are continually making usability improvements to make this process easier Here are the critical things to keep in […]

8.1 Documents Process Overview / Version Control

With the zInspector Documents feature, one can create any type of inspection document or other electronic document which even includes electronic signatures and photos. Document templates are created on the website, filled out on any one of your mobile apps, and your completed documents are sent to you via your standard rules (multiple email addresses, […]