08. Documents / Custom Templates

8.7 Next Document – Open a Specified Template After Submitting a Related One

Some templates are best performed as a group, in a particular order. For instance, after your inspection agent submits a Periodic Inspection, you may prompt them to perform a Pet Inspection. zInspector’s Next Document feature allows you to specify a followup document to open automatically for a given property when the current inspection has been […]

8.10.1 Template Customization – Inspection Condition Table

A central feature of many templates—including Move In, Tenant Move In, and Move Out—is the condition table. For example, a standard condition table appears in a Move-Out inspection like this in zInspector 3. To start, you will see the list of areas: Tap on an area to expand it and see the detail-level condition table […]

8.10.5 Template Customization – Force Pictures on Area Level

Some property managers want to ensure that their inspectors or tenants to take a photo of every property area, when performing a condition table inspection, where photos may already be required for Damaged (D) and Action (!) items, or any other template-based inspection. Follow the steps in the first section below to customize a condition-table […]

8.10 Template Customization – Advanced Fields and Options

zInspector offers an intuitive and user-friendly template editor that can be used to customize any inspection template to your liking. Template customization is recommended for experienced zInspector users with some computing experience. Attention to detail helps too! This very short video explains how to begin customizing a template and is essential viewing for all users: […]

8.10.4 Template Customization – Photo Fields (Take Pictures)

Photos are an essential aspect of any inspection process, and zInspector presents multiple options for requesting photos during an inspection. You can add a camera icon next to any listed Area or Detail so that the photos taken subsequently are automatically associated with the correct element of the property, and taking these photos can be […]

8.10.3 Template Customization – System Fields (Instructions)

When performing an inspection on the zInspector 3 app or the companion tenant app, you will typically see an Instruction section. As you might assume, this section is primarily used to communicate guidelines, suggestions, or other instructions to the person completing the inspection template. Instructions do not appear on the final report. To edit the […]

8.10.2 Template Customization – System Fields (Inspection Activity)

zInspector offers an intuitive and user-friendly inspection template editor. While templates can be customized by any user with sufficient privileges who carefully follows these instructions, it is primarily recommended for advanced users with experience in zInspector.   To start customizing a template, simply go to Settings → Document Templates, choose the template you wish to edit […]

8.14 Custom Template Topic (Advanced) — Controlling Available Condition-Table Areas

This topic video is intended for advanced zInspector admin users who are experienced with template customization and who need this specific control over the areas that appear in a condition-based template.  It is not required or recommended for most users. In this example, a Preventative Area is present on all properties that includes items such […]

8.13 Advanced – Copying a Custom Template to Another zInspector Account

Experienced zInspector admin users may sometimes wish to copy a custom inspection template from one zInspector account to another—for instance, if their business maintains separate zInspector accounts for rentals and real estate.  This process can also be used to share a custom template with a user on another account.   Here are some example templates […]

8.12 Embedding Pictures, Videos, and Webpages in Templates

With zInspector, you can embed your own video links, web links, and PDF attachments within an inspection or other document template.  Embedded content can instruct, educate, and/or advertise to the user (i.e., the agent or inspection in zInspector 3 or a tenant in the Tenant Inspection app). Embedding content published on your property management or […]

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