08. Documents / Custom Templates

8.8 Download Custom Document Templates

zInspector provides a number of Custom Document Templates for you to try out and use for yourself. While you can access these zInspector custom templates without actually downloading them, this extra step gives you the ability to treat them as completely distinct documents: use them, work with them, and make them your own. Follow these […]

8.7 Supplemental Documents

Some zInspector users find it helpful to pair a certain Property Management Inspection type with specific documents that supplement it. For example, at the conclusion of a Move-Out inspection, you may prompt your employee to re-key a lock or post a For Rent sign.  These aren’t technically Move-Out inspection items that should be considered part […]

8.6 Include Photos by Default

You can automatically include photos by default with your zInspector custom Documents. First, On the zInspector website: Go to Settings, select Admin Settings, then click on Smart Comments (found under Inspections and Templates). Click +New and type z:[[Documents|autopictureON]] into the textbox (Where it says “Enter Comment here…”). Click Save. Then, on the mobile app: Tap the green […]

8.4 Logo & Document Header

You can upload your company logo so that it appears on all custom Documents and on Property Management Inspection reports (when you have the logo option enabled). Select Settings then Document Templates, and click on the Customize tab. Here you can also set the header and footer text that appears on all custom Document Templates […]

8.2 Full Version Control – Change Your Process On The Fly

What is version control, and why do I care?  Let’s take a simple process example like Smoke Detector Inspection.  In many states, laws related to smoke detectors changed over a brief time period.  First, a smoke detector was required to be installed in each hallway.  Soon after that, a new law required the presence of […]

8.5 Task Docs

Task Docs lets you group documents together for easy selection within the Task Manager / Scheduler. With Task Docs, you can combine Documents and Property Management Inspections into a single selectable bundle.  For example, a property manager might specify the following Task Docs bundle for all move-in inspections:  a Move-In Property Management Inspection, a Smoke […]

8.3 Creating a Custom Document Template

zInspector document template creation gives you the flexibility to design the documents you want while ensuring they will be quick to fill out in the field on a mobile device.  We also continue to make any usability improvements that can streamline the process. Some crucial things to keep in mind when creating any document template: […]

8.1 Documents Process Overview / Version Control

With the Documents feature, you can create any type of inspection or other electronic document in zInspector and even include attributes like photos and electronic signatures. Document templates are created on the zInspector website and then filled out in the app from any mobile device. Once completed, documents are copied to the user and others […]