16. zData – Quick-Capture & Store Property Details

16.4 zData – Required zData Field Examples

With the zData feature, you can now add requirements for specific zData fields to be filled in. With the examples below, not only can you require a zData field, but you can also require pictures to be taken for that field. Once that information is entered and the picture is taken, it will never require […]

16.3 zData – Scan Text and Barcodes

zInspector now includes the ability to scan appliance, material, and fixture labels and tags to auto-recognize, capture, and store the important info with no hassle as a zData entry. On the zInspector 3 app, within any zData screen, during an inspection or via the Edit Areas menu, tap the Scan icon. Scanning Text (Tag or […]

16.2 zData – Finishes & Fixtures

Keeping all the finish and fixture data on a property can be a overwhelming task—or it can be easy, with zData. Capture, store, and update important property details at the best time for you, whether conveniently during the next inspection, repair action, or turnover process—or from the comfort of your desk. Easily keep track of […]

16.1 zData – Appliance Info

zData has many great uses for property managers ready to get a handle on the more info-intensive aspects of their process. Capturing, organizing, and easily referencing appliance model and serial numbers is one of the biggest challenges and priorities that zData can help you resolve, one inspection at a time. Capture appliance info with zData […]

16.0 zData – Detail-Level Characteristics

Adding zData to a Custom Template zData is enabled on zInspector provided default templates automatically. If you have your own customized templates, you may need to enable this by adding “;edit” in the condition table line. This feature is only available within templates containing an inspection Condition Table (such as the provided Move In, Move […]

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