11. Integrations

11.5.1 Appfolio Tenant / Lease Sync

NEW – April 2019 Automatically Sync Appfolio Tenant / Lease Data Daily Now you can sync all your tenant and lease information from Appfolio into zInspector. You must first set up your Appfolio property sync. If you have not yet done that, please view our Appfolio Sync support article to do this before continuing. Once […]

11.3.1 Rent Manager History Category Customization

Copies of inspection reports will show up in the Rent Manager unit history.  To select how your zInspector reports should be categories, you will need to visit the Accounting Integration page under Admin Settings. On the Options row, Tap Change. On the Reports tab, click the link to “Show History Categories available” and select the […]

11.6 Propertyware Sync

NEW in 2019! Propertyware users can now sync their properties with their zInspector account. Follow the steps outlined below and in the video to enjoy this exciting new feature! NOTE: This feature is only available to Business and Enterprise users at this time. To sync your properties with zInspector, log into Propertyware and create a […]

11.5 Appfolio Sync

NEW – November 2018 Automatically Sync Your Property / Unit List from Appfolio Daily You can now sync your properties from Appfolio to zInspector! Your properties and units will now be automatically sync’d to zInspector from Appfolio including the # of Bedrooms and Bathrooms.  Everything you need to do your Tenant Move-In or Move-Out Property […]

11.4 Automatically create properties in zInspector from other software: Project Management, CRM, Lead Generation, Google Sheets

Are you a productivity or process guru?  Do you want to automatically create properties / units in zInspector with that process triggered from another software.  You can certainly do that with zInspector. We recommend this feature for those more tech savy users who are really focused on automating processes. This is an invite only feature […]

11.3 Rent Manager Integration

zInspector is integrated with Rent Manager! Easily sync your Rent Manager properties with your zInspector account. You can find links to video tutorials at the bottom of this page. Here is some useful information about getting started: Rent Manager User Setup Step 1) On Rent Manager, go to the Admin tab, click Settings, and then […]

11.2 Rentec Direct Integration

NEW! Interactive inspection reports now upload to Rentec Direct automatically. Find out more here. zInspector is proud to announce its development partnership with RentecDirect, a very powerful Property Management Account Software solution. In the above video, you can have all your properties from RentecDirect automatically synchronize to zInspector. In just a few minutes, all of […]

11.1 Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, and Others…automatic exporting of reports

Getting your property management inspection reports to automatically upload to Dropbox and/or Google Drive is easy. Setting up takes about 5 minutes.  Then, copies of all your PDF inspection reports can be found in Dropbox or Google Drive too. The Dropbox option supports property inspection reports being imported into unique folders for each property/unit if desired. […]