To change a property once it’s already been created, you have two options:

On the Mobile App

On the mobile app, Properties and Units can only be changed by:

  1. Adding new areas
  2. Changing Area descriptions
  3. Changing Area Group

We do not allow the deletion of Areas on the mobile app in order to enable the app to always operate offline without synchronization issues.

On the Website

On the website, Properties and Units can be fully edited.  Go to the Properties tab to :

  1. Edit property information
  2. Add, delete, or edit areas
  3. Admins can delete and archive properties

While the mobile app specializes in capturing information while out in the field, the website allows more property customization and decision-making from the office.


Tip: Be very careful deleting Properties or Areas

Don’t delete properties if you can help it! By using zInspector to keep a well-documented history of all your properties, you can always search and find important information later on.  If you delete properties, you choose to permanently destroy that information.

If you might need the property later, just Archive it.

However, to Delete a property:

  1. Go the Admin’s Property Page –
  2. Find the Property of interest and hit Archive. You can use the Search, Checkboxes, and Select All Feature to Archive many Units or Properties at once.
  3. Click on the Archive Tab to view all archived properties.
  4. You can then delete any Archived property which also deletes all property history.