NOTE: new option as indicated below created in early 2017.

There are three options.

  1. Change the Property Name. If you are a near brand new customer with limited history, you can simply rename the property to the correct name.  You can do this under the Properties tab at:     Find the property of interest and then click on Edit
  2. Change 1×1. Go to the inspection of interest, next to edit item, tap “Edit Tags”.  Pay close attention to Area / Details after selecting a different property name.
  3. Bulk Change of Every Item/Photo. There is a new Admin Tool available published in early 2017.  Go to “Report Settings” under “Admin Settings”.  Enable the last option in that section called “Change Property Name for Activity”.  After doing this, go to timeline, tap on the inspection of interest, scroll to the very bottom. Near the bottom left is a new option for changing the property name.   CAUTION:  this feature does 1 to 1 mapping. This means that the photos / notes for Bedroom 1 will be assigned to Bedroom 1 for the new property regardless of the Bedroom 1 Description.  If there is no Bedroom 1 Area available for the new property, that Area information will be lost.   Upon doing this, the inspection with the incorrect name will be first emailed to you for a permanent reference.  The direct link  to enable