There is a new Admin tool, published in 2017 that allows you to create a new inspection with the same values as a completed report. For example, if you have completed a move-out inspection and the tenants took great care of the property and you would like to create a move-in inspection with the same values, you can do this with the new Admin tool “Copy PM Condition Values”.

Go to “Admin Settings” and click on “Report Settings” and enable the second-to-last option “Copy PM Condition Values”. After saving your changes, return to your timeline, tap on the inspection you’d like to copy, and scroll to the very bottom. At the bottom left, there is a new option for copying the PM condition values. Click on the link and select the type of inspection you would like to create “Move-In” or “Inspection”. Upon doing this, you will be taken back to the timeline and the new inspection will appear at the top of your timeline.

Once you’ve done this, use the span feature to grab all relevant photos for the report.

Below is a video that shows this process step-by-step.