An “Activity” is a term unique to zInspector. An Activity is a grouping of photos, videos and inspection notes for a particular property on a particular day. Activities aggregate your pictures into intuitive sets which allows for simple searching.

  • Search: Every picture taken for an inspection is automatically associated with a Property and Activity. Search for the specific set of photos you need easily .
  • Different Days: Activities are grouped per day, i.e. Move-Out inspections for the same unit on two different days are two different activities.
  • Switching Activities: Switching back and forth between Activities is a breeze. If you take a few pictures for Leasing, then notice a Maintenance item and take a picture, the photos will still be grouped in the same Activity.
  • Resuming Activities: Activities can be resumed within the same day.
  • Group Members: Your group members are able to take photos for the same Property and Activity and synchronize their pictures with any other group members’ preexisting photos. The two photo sets  will merge together in the same Activity.

Examples of Activities are:

  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Marketing
  • Move Out
  • Repair