New – October 2017!

Now you’ll be able to open up the Zinspector app and in one tap instantaneously capture a 360 panoramic image of every surface of a room.

This feature is only supported for Zinspector Group Accounts.

The end result is that your company and your clients gain an unprecedented level of documentation. You can tilt all the way down to the floor, all the way up to the ceiling, you can spin all the way around and you can zoom in with great detail.  All this Information is captured with the zInspetor app instantaneously.

You now get better photographic information than you have ever had but importantly in a fraction of the time. We have property managers telling us that they are, capturing every surface of a 3000 square foot home in about 10 min. 

The Z360 camera costs around 200 dollars and it works with the Zinspector service which facilitates searching and access for all of your employees and anyone else you choose to share this information with.

If you need any help at all feel free to reach out to us at

We look forward to you trying this out and providing feedback!

360 Use Example


Important Hardware Setup Video Example


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