Edit Property Buttons allow you to add areas, or change area descriptions on the fly. When anything on the property has changed, you don’t need to be in the office to make these changes. zInspector does not allow the deletion of areas with the mobile app.

Maps / Navigation in zInspector’s mobile app allows you to check your property’s location via your device’s Map app. Enable Location Services for zInspector to  geo-tag your photos with the location where they were taken.

Mark-up (draw on photos) allows you to draw directly on photos in order to highlight or contextualize aspects of a photo. Circle, underline, or cross out by drawing on the photo. Markup can be enabled in Photo Inspection and Property Management Inspection by flipping the Markup switch. Original images are saved separately from the marked up image.

Multiple devices / users can use zInspector simultaneously. Our synchronization system allows any changes made to properties, tasks, documents and reports by group members to be updated immediately.